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Good Drafting Builds Great Teams

Posted on: November 6, 2009 5:57 pm
Well, I am sure that this is a common theme among the knowledgeable NFL followers.  But the 49ers are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel through several seasons of pretty good draft picks.  The last 4 years in particular. 

Although 2005 #1 draft pick Alex Smith still has the jury out deliberating, I believe he will start building confidence and becoming the player we know he can be.  I have to rely heavily on the fact that it took Drew Brees a handful of seasons to finally come into his own.  Look at the several of the great QB's in the league.  Not every single one of them were completely great right from the start.  I even believe it took Steve Young some time behind Joe Montana to learn his greatness.  Although I will not ever compare Steve Young and Alex Smith. Look at players like Doug Floutie, Randall Cunningham, Drew Brees, late bloomers like Kurt Warner, Rich Gannon and so on.  These QB's were in the league for a while before they became very good or at least got their shot be very good. 

Regardless back to the theme of this message.  The 49ers are finally starting to draft the right players.  I believe with a few good choices for the offensive line and a good pass rusher, we will be set for the future.  I love what Mike Singeltary is doing. 

The early 2000's picks were a little shaky excluding injury prone Julian Peterson,
2000  Julian Peterson, I would love to see this guy next to Patrick Willis in their primes.
2001  Andre Carter, never really made any impact for the team
2002  Mike Rumph, is he still playing?  Don't think, no pass coverage
2003  Kwame Harris, flop
2004  Raushaun Woods, Who, LOL
The Change Begun!
2005  Alex Smith, jury may be out, but I believe he will be sound enuough to lead this team into the future 
2006  Vernon Davis and Manny Lawson, Vernon is coming into his own finally and Manny is a solid defensive player
2007  Patrick Willis and Joe Staley, both are proven assets to the team
2008  Kentwan Balmer:  Could be a good threat as he matures in the position
2009  Michael Crabtree:  Looking Pretty Good So Far

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Posted on: November 11, 2009 6:55 pm

Good Drafting Builds Great Teams

Hey Guys. I see the point you're driving at here. I just think it took way to long to get where we are at today and we still aren't a solid playoff contender. Newstew hit on it when he mentioned O-line. In 2006, the O-line looked solid. With Jennings at LT and Larry Allen at LG, we had arguably one of the best left side combos in the league. Alex Smith improved that year and Gore had his best year rushing. Gore was actually one of the top rushers in the league that year and Smith was one of the fewest sacked QB's. In 2007, it all changed. Allen retired and Jennings couldn't stay healthy. Baas never developed into an elite guard as expected and Joe Staley was started at RT. Fast forward to this year and the line is still an issue. RT, RG and LG are noticeable weak links. These weak spots are so obvious that opponents don't run their standard defensive schemes and just choose to blitz these areas because it's such an easy target. We've added the skill pieces, but with any high powered offense, you need that O-line to be a success. 49ers do not have it this year. They didn't have it in 2007 or 2008. Being successful in the draft is important, but there must be success at building the lines as well. The 49ers have done well on the defensive side of the ball, but O-line has been the most part, a failure. I can't fault the team for not trying. Baas was taken with the 1st pick in the 2nd round in 2007. Rachal was taken early in the second round of 2008. The team made an effort at RT with Marvel Smith and Tony Pashos, but both met with premature endings to their seasons.

Rachal was already tabbed as a project when he was drafted. He probably came out one year too early and was thrown into the fire a little early. As mentioned above, he was a 2nd round pick last year and the team will stick it out with him for a couple more years. But Baas is probably gone and a more reliable and powerful RT is needed. These O-line deficiencies have created additional pressure everywhere else on the team and that is why the 49ers have probably stagnated over the course of the last couple of years. OC is an issue of concern as well. There hasn't been stability. But if the team had a stout enough O-line, they would be able to work through some of these changes. Change in OC can't be soley to blame.

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Posted on: November 9, 2009 3:08 pm

Good Drafting Builds Great Teams

Well by the looks of this season, we will probably be ending up with two very high picks, maybe even 2 top 12 picks!  There is no time better than the present to change philosophy and pick up an outstanding offensive lineman.  I do agree though, we have needed an offensive lineman for years.  Joe Staley has worked out nicely.  It is hard to go into a draft and get the best offensive lineman every year.  We have had many needs on the 49ers for many years.  We needed offensive lineman, defensive lineman, a quarterback, a running back, wide receivers.  Need I go on?  We picked up Staley, he is working out really good.  We will have to pick up another great lineman and start building some consistency.  I would love a pass rusher as well.  But unless you get the number 1 guy in the draft it is typically a crap shoot.  Usually one great pass rusher gets chosen high and does well. 

Time will tell. I will keep on rooting until we get it right.  I just want to make it back to the Super Bowl again, so bad.

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Posted on: November 9, 2009 11:19 am

Good Drafting Builds Great Teams

Notice on your picks we have only chosen one offensive lineman in the last 9 years in the first round.  Only one!  The rest of the picks were to so called skilled players or defensive help.  Now watch the Niners play and tell me the biggest lacking, easy its offensive line play.  You could put Tom Brady behind our line and he would do poorly.  Where do the Patriots draft?  Lineman, you say we are starting to draft the right players but really we are not.  Other then Joe Staley we have not gotten good value in line play for our draft position.  Building a team is like building a car.  You have to start at the engine and put in the right size/shape powertrain to serve your purpose.  You don't add a volkswagon engine to power a dump truck and a ferrari engine in a pacer is just silly.  WE don't have an engine or at least a servicable engine because our  line sucks so bad. 

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