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My Take on the National League Cy Young Race

Posted on: September 3, 2008 2:32 pm
This may sound a bit biased seeing as I'm a die-hard Diamondbacks fan, but, as far as I'm concerned, the NL Cy Young Race at this point of the season is between Brandon Webb and Tim Lincecum.  I really don't think CC Sabathia should be eligible for the award because he has been dominating the NL for half the season.  He was just 6-8 with a 3.83 ERA with the Indians.  We all know that the AL has stronger lineups.  Sabathia started pitching well right before he was traded to Milwaukee, but he allowed 9 ER in back-to-back starts in early April, and 4 ER in his very first start of the season and in two May starts.  As soon as he came to the NL, he regained his Cy Young form from last season.  I think this has more to do with the weaker lineups of the NL than it has to do with CC himself.  I am intrigued to see how well he would be pitching right now if he were still in the AL. 

I also don't think it is fair to give a pitcher who switched leagues in the middle of the season baseball's most prestigious award over two pitchers who have been in one league for the entire season.  Rick Sutcliffe won the 1984 NL Cy Young Award after starting the season in the NL, but there weren't any other NL candidates capable of challenging Sutcliffe that season.  Joaquin Andujar led the NL with 20 wins in '84, but he also lost 14 games.  Bruce Sutter finished third in the balloting but his record was only 5-7, and runner-up Dwight Gooden had 9 losses.  Sabathia has stiff competition in the NL this season.  Webb has won 19 games, and looks to be the NL's first 20-game winner since 2005, and Lincecum has a 15-3 record and a 2.60 ERA for a Giants team that has lost 79 games this season.  Webb's ERA is 3.19.  Sabathia's current ERA sits at 2.82, but we have to keep in mind his poor starts from early in the season and the fact that he allowed 4 ER in 6.2 innings to the NL's best hitting team, the Cubs

I'm not saying that I hate Sabathia.  I really respect the man, and think that he's one of baseball's better pitchers.  It's just that he'd have a more strong case for the NL Cy Young Award had he started the season in the NL or pitched better in the AL before going to the Brewers.  If Webb turns things around for the remainder of his starts this season and leads the D-backs to the playoffs, I'd give the award to him; if the D-backs ace continues to struggle, I'd give the award to Lincecum.  The Cy Young is supposed to be based on performance over a full season, not half of a season.  

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Posted on: September 10, 2008 11:35 am

My Take on the National League Cy Young Race

Agreed, great blog.

It is Webb's award to win or lose. No matter what any other pitcher does. If Webb does well his last few starts then it is his. If he continues his downward slide then...

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Posted on: September 3, 2008 5:31 pm

My Take on the National League Cy Young Race

Great work here!

I agree with you on this one. Right now, afer Webb's last two starts, I would say that Tim Lincecum is the front runner. But if Webb can play like we know he can for the rest of the month, he can take it back I think. But Lincecum has been lights out all year long so I wouldn't be surprised if Webb blew his chances at the Cy Young last week.

But Sabathia cannot be considered in my opinion, for the same reasons you said. If he stays in the NL, it's his for the taking next year if he pitches like this again.

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