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BCS Conference and Bowl Projections

Posted on: November 15, 2008 12:40 am
The following are my predictions for each BCS conference and bowl game.
The numbers in parentheses indicate each team's win-loss record following its respective bowl.
*-denotes that the team has already clinched a berth in its conference title game

ACC Atlantic Regular Season Champion: Miami (FL) (10-4)
ACC Coastal Regular Season Champion: Wake Forest (10-4)
Big East Champion: Pittsburgh (11-2)
Big Ten Champion: Penn State (11-2)
Big 12 North Regular Season Champion: Missouri (10-4)
Big 12 South Regular Season Champion: Oklahoma (12-2)
Pac 10 Champion: USC (12-1)
SEC East Regular Season Champion: Florida (13-1)*
SEC West Regular Season Champion: Alabama (13-1)*
BCS Buster: Utah (12-1; Mountain West Champion)

ACC Championship: Wake Forest over Miami
Big 12 Championship: Oklahoma over Missouri
SEC Championship: Florida over Alabama

National Championship Game: Florida over Oklahoma
Fiesta Bowl: Texas Tech (12-1) over Ohio State (10-3)
Orange Bowl: Pittsburgh over Wake Forest
Rose Bowl: USC over Penn State
Sugar Bowl: Alabama over Utah

How I Came to My Conclusions:
1. Penn State's loss to Iowa last week ends its BCS championship hopes.  However, it still beats Michigan State in its final game to win the Big Ten and get the Rose Bowl bid against USC.
2. Texas Tech will fall to Oklahoma to drop out of the No. 2 spot, but the Red Raiders will earn the Big 12's other BCS bid because they beat the Longhorns and will have only one regular-season loss.  
3. I was reluctant to put the Buckeyes into the BCS again due to the last two seasons, but I don't see the BCS putting in a one-loss Texas team when it will finish third in the Big 12 South and lost to Texas Tech.
4. Utah will break into the BCS ahead of undefeated Boise State and Ball State.  The Utes play in a tough Mountain West Conference that includes 1-loss TCU and 2-loss Air Force and TCU, and they beat Michigan in the Big House to open the season, a very difficult accomplishment.  They also beat a now-ranked Oregon State, and they will beat BYU to finish the regular season undefeated.  The Broncos and the Cardinals are in weaker conferences and haven't had daunting schedules. 
5. Alabama wins its final two regular season games, but loses to Florida in the SEC title game to drop out of the No. 1 spot.  As a result, the Sooners move up and into the national title game.  The Tide still get into the BCS because they will only have one loss.
6. Cincinnati, West Virginia, and Pittsburgh are currently tied for the Big East lead with one loss apiece, but the Panthers beat both the Bearcats and the Mountaineers for the outright conference title. 
6. I essentially flipped a coin to determine the ACC outcome.

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