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Kelsos Helmet Rankings Of Power Week 3

Posted on: September 24, 2008 7:26 am
Edited on: September 28, 2008 9:48 am


Well we now have no undefated teams or no winless teams.  Divisions tightend up big time.  Bye weeks start will they bite your team?
Controversy over draft style and customized league swirled this week in the BAFF. Everyone is encouraged to air there opinion on the matter.  Lets get to the rankings...

1) THURMAN IN HIS PRIME (1) - Holding true to his #1 ranking Thurman takes the high point money for week 3 and now is 38 points ahead of any other team.  Consistency is his motto.  A tough road ahead though, with back to back bye weeks for Plaxico is definetly a test.  WR squad in a whole is desimated this week with Wayne on bye, Antonio Bryant and the coke sniffing Matt Jones will now have to shoulder the load.  Nope give that job to the 2nd WR in all of fantasy football Santana Moss, a pleasant surprise for a #3 WR, huh!  Cutler should continue to roll against KC, Gore looks like a better pick than Moss every single week,and as for Thomas Jones? I'd start Stewart.  Tough matchup with a HOT BTAN team, but we all know Thurman comes to play.

2) Fear & Loathing (5) - OK.  You may have impressed me finally.  I need at least 1 more game though to proove Aaron Rodgers is the real deal.  After a slow start F&L has now put up 100 in two straight weeks.  Beast Mode has come to play Chris Johnson however has a tough matchup against the Viking run D.  Jennings and Fitzgerald great combo but might wanna think about going with Roddy White Over Santonio.  Eagles D looked tenacious against Pittsburgh.  Schefler back down to earth after 2td week 2 performance. Don't worry you still should stomp Ben either way.

3) Ron Mexico Kennel Club (4) - This team could be crumbling before our eyes.  Romo and Owens continue to be solid, but now Willie Parker is down for maybe 2 weeks and then the bye.  WR options besides TO are very suspect.  While Bowe is a solid threat his team doesnt put up enough points consistenly.  And your number three is a revolving door.  Point prooved for addition of the flex position.  Owen Daniels after two games could be a stud in the making.  Future success may ride on the heels of MJD, Pierre Thomas on your bench is returned to useless with Deuce coming back this week.  Green Bowls stand no match for this iron lung.

4) Green Bowl Packers (2) - Continues to put up points each week but from different players.  Housh finally woke up for 20 this past week and Drew Brees throws for 400 yards like its his job.  Steven Jackson been doing an awful lot of complaining lately, sounds like Nugget!  How many touches will Earnest Graham continue to get if Griese throws the ball 67 times a game?  Nuggets Nut Sac isn't big enough to pull the trigger on a deal so this team may fade into mediocrity.  Hines Ward & DeSean Jackson have both cooled off and Patrick Crayton has really been nonexistant.  Still own the best TE in the business in my book.  Your bowls beat this week! Like you!

5) Kelsos Helmet (6) - Pulled out a squeeker last week to find the win column for the first time all year.  It felt good boys, even if I did only score 79.  The retooling of the Helmet has begun.  With the additon of Peyton Manning it makes this  team much better and I gave up next to nothing to get him.  Only the 20th ranked fantasy back Jacobs and his backup Ward, who seems to run for more yards and get more carries each week.  I'd take Manning over an avg. running back tandem anyday.  LJ bounced back after complaining about carries, lets hope he's here to stay.  Big Ben is officialy on the block and gets a chance to showcase his skills for a new team before handing over the reigns to Peyton.  The Robert Meachum era has begun in New Orleans, well lets hope.  Coles is looking better and better every week, couldn't give him away 3 weeks ago and now suddenly the trade offers start to come in for him.  The winning ways continue as the Backyard Brawlers get knocked out by The Helmet with one swift head butt.  Poor guy never knew what hit him.

6) Tonight The Riot (8) -  With the loss of Brady & Colston, The Riot just continues to pull out wins and climb the power rankings.  On the heels of the 6th round steal, leading fantasy back Michael Turner, who It kills me to see do good and Anquan "show me the money" Boldin this team is finding a way to win ballgames despite the injury woes.  Jamal Lewis prob won't fill your gaping whole at #2 running back though, as well as Chanci Stuckey being a perennial powerhouse all year I just can't see it.  Banking on Devery Henderson this week to catch one ball for a 75 yard touchdown? I guess he's due.  Gates producing as per usual.  Hydro Huskies however is due for a explosion this week and you fall from cloud 9.

7) Backyard Brawlers (3) - Falling 4 spots this week are  the Brawlers, after a nailbiting loss you followed it up with a big 65 pointer accompanied by injuries to both McNabb and Westbrook that could linger.  Kevin Smith is a proud member of the crowdest backfield in football, Detroit ... Cedrick Benson, Sean Alexander, Duckett, Rudi Johnson, i dunno, is Artose Pinner still there?  Can't count on this guy, oh i see you cut him?  LenDale White does always seem to score a TD.  Gutsy move starting Trent Edwards over McNabb.  You just ruined my Bills game this week dick.  Steve Smith looked avg. in his first week back, Lee Evans could step it up with Roscoe out.  Kellen Winslow is starting to fizzle along with the Browns.  I'm interested to see how Mendenhall does, I was his biggest supporter to begin the season.  Bernard Berrian still shouldnt be on a roster.  Taking a trip to th ER to stitch up your lip and broken nose after the kelsos helmet headbutt.

8) Hydro Huskies (7) - Benching Favre this week in favor of the hot hand and JT "dont call me JP" O' Sullivan might be a good play.  Barber and Bush were dominat last week but still couldnt lead you to victory.  McFaddens toe injury could bother him awhile  When will the 86th ranked WR Braylen Edwards come around? 6 total points on the year!  Kevin Walter is a sleeper start if I ever heard one.  I like Hardy to step it up, but don't get carried away with your expectations.  I predict two catches for VD this week...TD catches from JT that is....Ha that's sounds funny.  Jeremy won't squeek by the water puppies this week.

9) BTAN (11) - Who owns the #1 TE in fantasy?  BTAN Does!  Thats right, Anthony Fasano leads all TE in fantasy points after 3 weeks.  But he's on bye this week so you'll be going with none other than...drum roll please... Billy Miller.  Might wanna sneak Cambell in over Palmer this week, Carson banged his funny bone.  Edge still has failed to score a TD and Peterson is nicked up.  Chris Chambers could be the comeback player of the year, cuz he's come back to life this season.  Holt could be almost as worthless as Randy Moss now.  Harrison on bye leaves you with a sevicable Ike Bruce as the Wr #3.  Playing the best team in the league this week so be prepared for the worst.

10) BALCO Labs (9) - Hey Cubby! Tell me how my helmet tastes.  Balco failed to show up for battle last week and shipped it's #1 draft pick in the process.  Philip Rivers takes over the helm and Brandon Jacobs digs in the backfield.  Jacobs is my favorite back in the NFL, so it was quite hard to deal him, but Peyton is just too good to refuse.  Portis has been your keystone thus far and should continue to count on this production from him as long as he's healthy.  It's official Roy Williams and Donald Driver are both #2 WR's.  Cotchery is a main target but seems to be bang or bust from week to week.  Michael Bush might be your favorite player but really quit starting him.  Lucky you play Huffy.

11) Home Field Disadvantage (10) - 2-1 but scoring third least points in the league.  Schedule is helping you out early on but that won't help forever.  Need to make a deal desperatly.  Fred Jackson & Jerious Norwood, now that's a tandem RB if I ever saw one!  Brandon Marshall will be a 1st or 2 round pick next year.  He is Beastly.  Andre Johnson's offense is sputtering like Braylen Edwards.  I hate Delhomme, I'd start Tyler Thigpen over him.  Hank Baskett...well i don't really know what to think of Hank.  Maroney is hurt and splitting carries with LaMont Jordan, Kevin Faulk, and Sammy Morris.  It's gunna get worse before it gets better benny.  Pull the trigger and make a deal.

12) A Fighting Chance (12) - Leave it to the toilet bowl champion to leave Ronnie Brown on his bench for his 5TD performance.  Take away LT last week and you scored 38 points!  Eli is solid but need to lean on Derek Anderson this week.  Chad Ocho Cinco should have surgery or something he's wasting peoples time playing.  Ask Eddie Royal how the view from the back seat is now that Brandon Marshall is back?  Don't we have an anti taliban rule in this league if not we should change that for next year.  Muhsin Mohammad should be banned.  Better hope Westbrook don't play otherwise Buckhalter won't be helping out much.  watch out for the swirlie patrol huffy.
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Posted on: September 29, 2008 8:14 am

Kelsos Helmet Rankings Of Power Week 3

Put him 10th... thats where butt nuggets belong.  STN in '08 & SBE in 2008/2009 Bitches!

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Posted on: September 29, 2008 8:10 am

Kelsos Helmet Rankings Of Power Week 3

Last I checked Drew Brees & Steven Jackson are superstars...dummy.  If you keep thinking you can call out your rank in the rankings then you'll be surprised the way the wind blows next week.....Quit stealing my motto too, we all know the only team to FEAR is THE HELMET!!!!

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Posted on: September 28, 2008 9:13 pm

Kelsos Helmet Rankings Of Power Week 3

you boys better start to fear the pack... lookin good at 3 and 1 and you better pull your panties up when you face the green monsters... no super stars but consistant points week to week... #2 next week in the power rankings

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