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Learning How to Win

Posted on: September 11, 2008 4:39 am

How does won learn to win? Some people say your born with it and your either a winner or a loser. Some teams just have and some don't. I have a different take on the situation. A winner is not born they are taught. They are taught the necessary discipline it takes to go to the nth degree to win. They are taught how to overcome adversity. They are taught how to be a good teammate and pick up your own players if they are down. Most improtantly they are taught that you win together.

This is what I see going on with many young teams in sports today.

Example#1: Chicago Blackhawks - Last year their number one line had a coupl of kids on it. Jonathon Toews and Patrick Kane, and also they were very young across the board. Their season started off miserably and then they started learning they had to play the game for the full three periods. They also learned if they the goalie gave up a bad goal they needed to pick up their teammate by scoring to wipe that goal out. You could also look at the Pitsburgh penguins a team that 2 years ago bowed out of the first round of the playoffs and then last year went to the Stanley Cup Final.

Example#2: Notre Dame - Here's a team that had a horrid season last year. They set all sorts of record of futility. They gave up 58 qb sacks a record and their qb was hit over 100 times. Everyone including myself expected them to come out and destroy a feeble opponent in SDSU and what happened, they eked a win out. That teams confidence and their youth caused them to take an approach of waiting for something good/bad to happen, and then for whatever reason in the fourth q. they decided it was time to make something happen themselves.

We see this in most sports how it takes young teams time to learn how to win, sometimes it's bringing a veteran to help them learn it, sometimes it's a coach taking it upon himself to teach it, and sometimes a team just comes together and teaches it to each other. For whatever reason every team that goes through a rebuilding time needs to learn this skill.  It seems as though the only exception to this learning curve has been teh Florida Marlins who took a very very young team to the world series. But again they did have that vet are their team that knew a little about winning.

In summary if your team is going through one of these phases and is struggling to find it's game be a little patient, I don't think winning is too far off.

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Posted on: September 11, 2008 7:39 pm

Learning How to Win

All it takes is for somebody to step up and be a leader. I would really love to see UM get stomped and see what the UMers have to say.

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Posted on: September 11, 2008 11:38 am

Learning How to Win


I agree, I hope it was the turn around in the season, I know it's the first game but if they do well we can look at the fourth q. and say that was when things started to happen. It almost seems as though Weis or someone went to Jimmy and told him that all the guys are waiting for something to happen and I want you to make it happen. He was 13 for his next 13 after the pick. He all of a sudden became decisive, got rid of the ball faster, was more comfortable in the pocket, was looking off defenders, he started to do things right. 

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Posted on: September 11, 2008 8:04 am

Learning How to Win

Very good comment. I really believe that the team (ND) decided it was time to do something for themselves. I can think of 2 examples from teams of the past that came together to become a champion.

1. 1991 Atlanta Braves. They were like 11-13 games back after the all-star break and won the division on the last day of the season. They didn't win the WS that year but it was a foundation for 13 straight division titles with 4 WS appearances and 1 WS win.

2. 1994 San Francisco 49ers.  They started by pounding the Raiders on MNF, but by the fourth game they were 2-2 and just suffered a home loss to the Eagles by the score of 40-8. The following week they were down 2 scores at Detroit and Steve Young had just suffered a sack and was kind of rolling around. The Offensive line said this has to stop. They went on to win that game and the next ten in a row enroute to SB victory over the Chargers.

You really never know what play or events that will bring a team together and mold them into a winning team. I hope that has happened for ND during the SDSU game.

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