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ND game #4, Purdue a Complete Win?

Posted on: September 30, 2008 12:37 pm

After a short stint in the hospital after surgery and missing the MSU game I am glad to be back on the boards. Now let's talk Purdue.

After seeing the game a few times now and also reading a few things on the message boards and a few blogs, one thing is apparent to me. This team is still in the process of learning how to win games. Purdue game was a more complete game from the offence's perspective. It doesn't matter if they play the best run defence or the worst run defence a decent showing still improves the psyche of the players. Beating up on another team no matter how bad or good they are is still a better confidence builder than beating up on the scout team or your own Dline.

Now to the game:

Offensively: Great game by Jimmy C. No picks, made good decisions with the ball, I also saw that he was looking off the receivers better. I f at the begining of the season you said the offence will go as Jimmy goes, I'd have been nervous, but each week he is showing he can do it and why he was sooo highly rated out of high school. He's got zip on the short passes and touch on the deep. I really think he needs to start looking over the middle a little more for Rudolph because there was a couple of times he was wide open with no one around him for atleast ten yards. The offensive line played fantastic too. Can enough be said about the raw talent of Floyd?

Defensively: This is why it's not a complete game. They gave up too many yards passing. They need to play more bump coverage if they are going to blitz like that because they got killed underneath on crossing routes where the receiver was free off the LOS. The blitz is just a little too slow sometimes and they need to hold up the receivers like Blanton. Blanton was the only guy in the face of the receivers. Crum our leader seemed to miss too many easy tackles too, he needs to wrap up the ball carrier better.

Special Teams: Kicking game is woeful. Punting isn't bad, the coverages are incredible. The return game is starting to look good too.

Overall I give the entire game a B+, but that's only because the offense gets and A++.

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