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Posted on: November 3, 2010 6:10 pm
Hey football fans, I need all of you to put on those thinking caps for a minute and go back about 5 years ago. Football was still played the same way except that having fun in the endzone with a bit of taunting was allowed and NOT frowned upon. Since then, the NFL has taken away showing up the QB after a crappy pass which was picked for 6 and high stepped into the end zone. Thenthey have this "defensless reciever" garbage to protect the WR from getting hit hard and force a fumble. They added a "defensless QB" penalty now to protect the QB too. It is very obvious to me that the NFL likes scoring and thats final. No more 10 to 9 games unless the teams suck and can't move the football down the field. James Harrison's hits against the Browns were VERY hard hits and the one on Josh Cribbs was a play at the line of scrimmage period. The other on Muhammad Massaquoi was also a very hard hit, but a legit one. Now he has a meeting with Roger Goddell about hits after the Sunday Night Game. Sorry, but the Drew Brees hit was also legit. He drove Drew Brees down due to the other blitzing player was already at his feet and Brees was scrambling away from Harrison and tripped over him while Harrison was in pursuit. But here comes the Sheriff to hand out another ticket to Harrison. WHY ? This is football damn it. Its a tough sport. That is why everyone doesn't play it. Please NFL, stop the craziness and let them play football the way it should be played. Helmet to helmet is one thing, but every hard bone jarring hit . Please. 
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