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Posted on: March 12, 2011 4:23 pm
Well, the lockout has officially begun. Not that most of us sport smart people didn't see this coming like a steamroller. Lets just face the facts. Both groups are making unbelievable amounts of money. Both groups are unbelievably greedy. Most in the groups are nose in the air stuck up snobs. The NFLPA union should be destroyed. It doens't do anything except make DeMaurice Smith and his hired legal staff rich, just like any union in America does. The NFL owners should be ashamed of themselves too. The fans made them rich beyond belief. They have seat licenses so we ( the fans ) can park our asses in a seat for a game. We pay between $7 and $10 for a beer, pay $50 for a parking spot to go to a game, not including gas prices, hotel Bills, airfare, rental cars, food, ETC......... AND SO ON.  I understand the reasoning behind this but can't figure out why both sides can't get along. They need each other equally. The owners need the players to fill their stadiums, the players need the owners to pay them to play football. Both need US to show up and watch the game. It's unfortunate that both sides forgot about US...................THE FANS.
I have no problem trying to get what you can in life, business, or whatever. If somebody would pay me 2,3, or 5 times what I make to do the same thing but for someone else, I'd go right away.  But it's the NFL, the most popular game of them all. They are arguing over not just thousands, 10 thousands, 100 thousands, or millions of dollars.... but BILLIONS of DOLLARS.
I have an idea, how about taking all the billions of dollars and give it to our unemployment systems to give it to all of us that can't find a job.
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