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NFC East Week 9 in reivew

Posted on: November 4, 2008 9:29 am

What a week. I bet there won't be too many Redskin or Cowboy fans reading this week after bad showings but that was to be expected. A perfect 3 for 3 this week. So if your betting with me over the last 4 or 5 weeks I'm 10-12 not counting the G-men where I haven't missed this entire season unfortunatly I don't bet them.

Giants v. Cowboys -  Giants -9 give the points should win 24-7. Defense too much for backup QB. The Dallas D will need to keep the Giants under 20 points they haven't scored more than 14 since Romo's out.

Well I said that the Cowboys were going to have to keep the Giants under 20, because they haven't scored more than 14 points without Romo and they couldn't do it. That's keep the Giants under 20 or score more than 14. As I suspected this D that the Giants runs out there was way way to much for the backup QB both of them to be exact. Not to rub it in much but lets be honest the refs blew the Justin Tuck call that saved the scoreing drive for the Cowboys. If not for that call I believe this game would have just been a laugher. On 3rd down Tuck with perfect technique blows up Bollinger and they throw the flag; just terrible.

I have to be frank and say I was never big on this Dallas D and since day one I've been saying they have a lot of holes to fill with players that are just avg. and they looked below avg this week. Eli had 3 turnovers and it still didn't matter. I can't remember a game that was won by 21 points where the winning team turned the ball over 3xs. The Dallas problems run much deeper then the QB problem and I think that will be apprant even when Romo gets back. After the RW trade I wrote a big piece on why it was the wrong move and there were other positions that needed to be addressed but hey who am I? Just some amature blogger right.

If the Giants can keep this thing rolling through next week it may be time to start talking best all around team I've seen them put out on the field. The offensive and defensive lines are just monsterous. The Defense as a whole is spectacular with LB play that know saw coming your's truly included and DB play that I did see coming that most did (remember the rankings preseason Bcrum).  Then offensively this team is so deep at WR its not even funny. There is typically two WRs on the bench that teams would love to have as 2 or 3 options. Eli is Eli he's a gamer and will give you chance to win the game in most circumstances. The online is hands down the best I've ever seen and the 3 headed running backs are well they're awesome. It's good to be a Giant fan this year. What's really nice is the team is built for the long haul

Eagles v. Seahawks  Eagles -6 take it definatlely. Backup QB in Seattle, last year for holmgrem, and Seattle has just looked plain terrible.

What can I say the Eagles got the W they needed nothing much more I can say. They played a team they were supposed to beat and they did. Kudos to them 3 w's in a row with a big test coming up. I must adimt I was impressed by Wallace's play this week. He didn't look half bad. Is it me or do the Eagles still need help at WR? It's almost funny at this point that every year we say the same thing. On a side note what happens when the great Brain Westbrook is done?

Washington v. Pitt - Pitt +1 or 2 depending on who you goto. Game of the week. Pitt will out last Washington and cover by 6 or 7. Washington will not be able to apply the pressure neccisary and CP and Campbell will both stumble this week. I know last week that I said I was big on both these players even calling for a possible MVP for CP but the NFL is all about matchups and Washington doesn't matchup well. I could be completely wrong on this and I'll eat crow if I am but I just don't see Pitt losing 3 stratight to the NFC East.

I'm a football guy plain and simple. I like baseball, basketball, playoff hockey, and pretty much all sports, but I'm starting to scare myself with how intune I am with the league this year. If the above didn't happen last night like I called than I don't know what you're looking for. The Pitt D held Portis to 13 for 51. It's almost funny there was this guy on the Redskin board (biggest troll you know him) telling me that CP would run for 120 because of the Redsking blocking scheme. Honestly this is what he was posting. He was trying to make the argument that the Redskins have some blocking scheme setup that Pitt wouldn't be ready for. Guys if there is one thing and only one thing you take from my postings it's the NFL is all about matchups so even teams who looked terrible the week before can look great the next week if the matchup is right.

A 3-4 defense is the perfect D for a west coast offense. The reason for this is the extra LB's to protect agianst the short passes. Plus the West Coast is all about reads and identifying what WR will have the quick opening. How can you possible do that when you don't know what LB is coming in on the blitz? Its very tough. Just for giggles I checked the Redskin board and the posts have already started on JC again. It's to comical. Be objective and you can see these things coming. JC has been excellent at protecting the ball. The reason for this is the offense is such that he can hit the short route for big yds. This is made very difficult agianst a 3-4.

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NFC East Week 9 in reivew

Jokest -

Great job on your pregame analysis. You hit the nail on the head with the Steelers/Redskins game. The Skins have been solid, and Portis is clearly the best RB in the league right now. The only issue with Washington is their head coach, you have to wonder what he'll do in the tough spot - when he runs into situations down the stretch that he hasn't faced before. It's tough for a rookie head coach not named Switzer or Belichick to walk in and make an impact, more often that not they try and do just enough not to mess things up. 

Nice article. Big game this Sunday for the G-Men.

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