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Week 10 analysis

Posted on: November 6, 2008 11:46 am

Week 10 and the Cowboys and Redskins are on bye's. Two different train of thoughts for both teams this bye week even though both coming off prior week loses. The Skins are going into the bye with two weeks to think about how their offense was completely shut down by the Steelers. CP only rushing for 51 yds and JC throwing his first two int's of the season. Ouch. The Cowboys on the other hand are going into the bye thanking god that the three game strech is over. They got it handed to them in New Jersey but at least their probowl QB will be back. Will it be enough, did they dig to deep of a hole, can they get their Defense straightened out? All things will have to wait and see.

As for the Game of the Week! Giants @ the Eagles. This is a big week the for the Eagles in my mind. A lot of people are saying this is a measuring stick for the Giants but that's what they say every week, so I say save it. IMO this is a measuring stick for the Eagles. What I mean by that is I believe this is a game the Eagles can win they are certainly not over matched. So with that I believe this is more of a measuring stick for them at home then it would be for the Giants on the road. As I write this I feel like Hulk Hogan speaking to his Hulkamaniacs prior to his showdown with the ultimate warrior. He pretty much came out and said it would be alright if he lost so that millions of little boys wouldn't commit suicide after the match. The difference is Hulk knew he would lose the Giants certainly have a chance to win.

Ok keys to the game. Lets be honest no secret here it's all about getting after Brian Westbrook. I beleive that S. Spags will run some sort of nickle the entire game with the extra DB spying WB. If not that I would assume that Brian Keihl or Chase Blackburn will have the responsiblity of staying with him the entire game. This will be a big week for the Dline of the Giants. They are going to have to get pressure on McNabb a lot without much blitzing if the Giants want to take control of this game.

The current line is Eagles -3. I believe that most of you know by now I don't bet my own team. I would have to say this would be the toughest line I've seen all year. I don't think the Giants win this game. I'm not entirely sure why to be honest but my gut says they lose. The bigger problem I have with the line is I'm not entirely confident that the Eagles cover that number. So in my opinion I say take the points. My reason for this is I think the Eagles can win a close game but thats about it. If the Giants don't win outright, which is possible they can at least cover the points.

I think this game sets up two outcome for the Giants. One they win and if they do forget about it the division is over they will steam roll the Cowboys and Redskins on their way to a first round bye. If they lose they are still in excellent shape but will have a tougher task of getting back on track. I believe this, because we know every Redskin and Cowboy player will be watching this game and if the Giants lose if should give those players some semblance of hope. If the Giants come out and win all bets are off they would be 3-0 in the division. I can't really remember the last time I wasn't sure if I wanted the team I rooted for to win or lose. If they win I can completely see them running into the same buz saw the Pats did last year. If they lose I feel they would be more on track with their agenda such as it was last year. Time will tell but either way should be a very entertaining game for the NFC east.

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Posted on: November 8, 2008 3:59 pm

Week 10 analysis

I agree with you on this Giants/Eagles game, Jokest,

What concerns me the most is whether or not the o-line can hold up; it's not so much that the Eagles defense scares me (which they kinda do) but that NY has played Pittsburgh and Dallas the last two weeks, and the Cowboys were able to penetrate and sack Manning. This is going to be the third straight game they face a very physical d-line and I hope they have the energy to keep them at bay. And if Spagnuolo does stick Blackburn or Kehl on Westbrook it's going to be a long day for whoever gets stuck with that job.

As far as the -3 line goes, I don't know what to make of it.  I'm not a betting man but the Giants did beat them twice last year, once because of that wide FG by Akers. I felt less confident about the Pittsburgh game than I do this one, but like I said, three physical games in a row is a lot to ask. I guess we'll see what they're made of.  

Thanks for the great post, Jokest !

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