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NFC East Week 12 Preview

Posted on: November 21, 2008 11:36 am

I know I haven't giving my predictions lately and it's been due to several things but I'm back on track for week 12. Let me first say I don't know why CBS changed the profile page; I personally don't like it. Not sure how everyone else feels about it I guess I just like the status qou. Speaking of status qou the Giants rushing for 200yds a game is begining to seem like the norm. What a showing last week by laying the wood to the Raven's run D. The Giants have now beat the two best teams from a division many were picking to the be the best in football prior to the season. This team is really starting to look scary. I've said it before but truefully as a complete unit Ofense, Defense, and special teams this may be the most complete Giant team I've seen.

Week 12 in Phoenix. The Giants seem to be playing measuring stick games every week. First Pitt, then the Eagles, next the Ravens, and finally the NFC west leading Cardinals. Not a measuring stick for themselves but the teams they play. The Cardinals have a devistating passing attack but not much of a run game. They also have a very fast defense but nothing to write home about. They play in the worst division in the league and their last two games have not been that impressive. They should have lost to the 49ers if not for some of the worst clock mgt ever displayed by M. Martz and played a less then steller game last week vs a Seattle team that is improving and who did get thier QB back but should have been no match for them. The thing to keep in mind is this the  NFL and no one remembers the next year what a W looked like only that it was a W.  

Ok decision time. The Giants are fav. by 3.5 going into Phoenix. The Giant's should soundly cover this spread with or with out B. Jacobs who will probably not play IMO. The Oline is too good for Phoenix's D-line, Ward & Bradshaw should combine for a nice day. Also Kurt Warner who is again having a faboulous year will be under pressure from the Giants D-fense all day and this should be cause for concern for Cardinal fans. When Warner has time he is excellent under pressure not so much. If you take anything away from the Jet game they beat the heck out of Warner in the first half expect nothing less from the Giants. Only difference is the Jets let up in the 2nd half where as the Giants will not. Do I expect a shutout from the Giants no I don't but the Cards have losses by the Jets, Washington, and Carolina this year. All teams who have good defenses and the Giants as a unit have a better one. If not for the Cleveland game this one may worry me. I believe that lose to the Browns may have been the best thing for the Giants. Cleveland played well that game you can't take anything away from them, however the Giants will no longer be suseptable to a no show. The Cleveland loss will be in the back of their head and I think you get an A+ showing from them this week.

Rest of the East

Eagles vs. Ravens: This should be the ugliest game of the year. What a barn burner last week by the Eagle huh? Reid and Dono both on their way out. I suspect Reid before Dono but lets face it Dono will be remember for three things when his career is over; Rush Limbaugh, throwing up in the superbowl, and not know that regular season games end in ties. Ouch! Well The current line has the Raven's -1 at home doesn't say much for them when the Eagles are coming off a tie in Cinny. Let's face it the Eagles D will shut down the Raven's O much like the Giants did and the Eagles should be able to do just enough to win this game. I'll probably pass on watching it since the over should be 16 but hey who knows right?

Cowboys vs. San Fran: Well one thing is for sure. It's the Cowboys will definatly have some hope going into the Giant game. They could be 8-5 or 9-4 depending on how the Pitt game turns out. They will be coming in hurting either way with their hopes finally crushed when they play the Giants for a second time. The should beat SanFran soundly lets face it. They are 10 point favs going into the game they win by 13 easy. Thats why I'm looking past this one and they get Seattle the following week. However, this is a tallented team with ZERO coaching and structure to it. Pitt will be a good matchup for them the only question is will their Defense be able to keep PItt from scoreing?

Redskins vs. Seattle: Washington is fav. by three in this one. I'm going to surprise some of you mabye with this one but I believe Seattle wins out right. They play their second game with Matt H. back and they are coming off a tough loss to the Cardinals. Washington doesn't have the same type of O that Pheonix does and they don't have a healthy CP. They have to travel cross country for this to a tough place to play and I don't believe they have the offensive power to pull it out. I think Washington will be realing after this one. I've been wrong before but not to many times.



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Posted on: November 21, 2008 4:53 pm

NFC East Week 12 Preview

BBM alway going with the chalk....JK but appreciate the feed back and looking forward to Sunday. Take easy see you Monday.



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Posted on: November 21, 2008 3:23 pm

NFC East Week 12 Preview

Hi Jokest - great preview!

You couldn't be more on target with the "measuring stick" games the Giants have each week. Can they beat the best overall defense? Can they win convincingly against a banged up Cowboys team that usually owns them in the regular season? Can they contain Giants killers Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook? What about the Ravens impenetrable run defense? Now they have to face the best passing game in the league (sorry New Orleans fans - it's not the Saints anymore). I agree with your analysis about the run game, and I wouldn't expect the Giants to come out and do anything differently on offense. Though I fully expect the defense to get to Warner, it will only take a few key throws early on to potentially be down two scores. If that happens, then Eli will have to start airing it out. (You and I have both commented on the fact that Aaron Ross & Corey Webster can get torched from time to time).

I'm with you 100% on the Cowboys and Eagles picks, but I have to respectfully disagree on the Seattle Seahawks pick. I think Vegas is trying to sway bettors towards Seattle, thinking that getting 3pts at home against a Redskins team that's lost two in a row is to good to pass up. Call me crazy, but I believe the contrary - I think after losing two straight home games to a superior Pittsburgh team and Dallas (with Romo & Newman back in action) that Washington will be on a mission to keep their playoff hopes alive, and they know this may be the best opportunity for a "W" they could get. I look for the Skins to win by at least two TD's.

Looking forward to your wrap-up on Monday - have a good weekend!  

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