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Same Cubs, Different Day

Posted on: November 2, 2011 7:46 pm
Well, Cubs fans...the Theo Epstein Is A God phase is over.  What was it?  Two weeks?  Today he fired Quade- which was fine with 99% of Cub fans.  What irked many was eliminating Sandberg as a candidate without even giving him serious consideration, much less an interview. 
First, listening to the television, and hearing a list of the 'A' list candidates for the Cub's job...I just kept shaking my head.  There wasn't a Joe Torre, Bobby Valentine, or even freshly retired Tony LaRussa.  No, this list was comprised of guys I had barely, if ever, heard of.  You know the type- you wouldn't hire them to mow you lawn because you're not sure they can start the mower, much less cut it to your satisfaction.
Second, Sandberg is IMO, the most qualified of any one without MLB coaching experience.  Former MVP, All-Star, fan favorite, player favorite- he knows what it takes to play in the Bigs at the highest level. (who remembers that he won a NL Home Run title?).  After a few years off, he wanted to manage.  He did what was asked- start at single-A, where he succeeded.  Moved up to AA.  Success.  AAA?  You better believe it- success again.  In fact- his resume this past year alone is deserving of a ML shot:  He took a team that had NEVER had a season over .500, and took them to the championship game- all without a hitter in the top 20 or a pitcher in the top 10 in the league.  He took a team that shouldn't have succeeded, and turned them into a team that far surpassed expectations.

I don't know what Epstein is thinking.  I really don't.  I understand wanting to avoid catering to what the fans want- however, sometimes the fans know a winner when they see one.

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