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Tampa Bay Buccaneers [10/24/2008]

Posted on: October 24, 2008 1:59 pm
Edited on: October 24, 2008 2:01 pm

Finally the Bucs are getting more and more National attention.

After a great home game following the retiring of Mike Alstott's #40, the Bucs are primed for a highly anticipated Bucs @ Cowboys Matchup.

The throngs of Cowboy Bandwagon fans out there may consider this the last straw before they start purchasing Titans memorabilia. 

There are a lot of negatives in this matchup for Bucs fans:

1) The Bucs are going to face a stiff challenge, especially with Brad Johnson getting another full week of 1st team reps with the Cowboys explosive offense.

2) Wade Phillips is now calling the defensive plays, expect the line to rally around him and provide a boost to the pash rush in front of a home crowd

3) Marion Barber, he is the type of runner that always gives the Bucs trouble.  It is his tackle breaking ability which may hurt us, especially with having to deal with Jason Witten running around in front of him shifting from a pass catcher to an excellent blocker on the fly.

I'm one of the most die hard Bucs fans there is... but I'm sorry fellow bucs... it just does not look good this week unless:

1) We put pressure on Brad Johnson, and quickly... The Dallas O-Line is big and powerful, Blitzes from the secondary and LB Corps should proove very disrupting to the Cowboys offense.

2) Score TD's in the redzone!!!!!!!!!  We Must, absolutely score TD's in the Endzone... we cannot trade FGs for TDs, simple math will prove that theory correct.  Garcia absolutely put a clinic on how to distribute the ball last week... The cowboys secondary is weak... that is where we can carve them up, but is Garcia going to be as effective against a more formidable pass rush?

3) TO!!!! And I'm not talking about Terrell... I'm talking about the one thing the Bucs D does... and that is force Turn Overs!!!! We do that, this game can be won by a field goal behind Bryant's leg.

So expect a game decided by one 4th quarter drive... either we capitalize or go home with a big L from big D...

Go Bucs...


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