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Tampa Bay Buccaneers [07/22/2009]

Posted on: July 22, 2009 5:57 pm
Gearing up for football this year is a little tougher than usual knowing the Bucs have so many questions and changes.

We dont know who the starting QB will be (most likely Leftwich).  We dont know if our Defense will be able to stay off the field, but we do know we have a lot of young talented players that will be contributing in many ways.  I just hope our O-Line and other starters stay healthy... we have a chance then, because our depth is severely lacking.

Our schedule also is ridiculously tough for the first half until our bye week (who's isn't in the NFL though).  But for real... we face all the NFC East teams ( i think we will win the opener, which according to reports makes us twice as likely to go to the playoffs :)

After the opener, its @ Buffalo, then the Giants (where they beat us on the way to there superbowl (I hate Giants fans)), then @ Redskins, @ Eagles, then we have the pleasure of hosting the Panthers and Patriots back to back.  (Get run to death, then get passed to death).

So got a lot of possible heartbreak in the near future... but if we can stay at .500 somehow through those weeks, we will have proved a lot of critics wrong...

Winslow will really help whoever lines up under center... and so will Ward.  I expect big things from Piscitelli and Talib on defense and hope we can get Dexter Jackson's speed involved somehow in the offense, which will be awesome to watch.

Well... camp starts up in about a week... pray that the football gods will be kind to us Bucs Fans...

Go Bucs!
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