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Tampa Bay Buccaneers [08/03/2009]

Posted on: August 3, 2009 3:40 pm
Raheem Morris wants to score in the Red Zone.

So do I. 

That's great that he is focusing on that of late.  It will help improve the timing and see which QB can operate the best with pressure and routes in tight spaces against our fast defense.  I hope we pound the rock, we have a great Offensive Line with Faine, Trueblood, Davin, Penn, Sears and Zutah... and that will allow Winslow to do what he does.  Move the chains, control the clock.

We need to control the clock on Offense, because our D is 1-2 years away from being dominant again.  We have an exciting secondary and a group of linebackers that are physical specimens around our leading Ruuuuuud.  Jermaine will be interesting to see in the box, but our huge glaring weakness is our Defensive Tackles.... they WILL get dominated.  Our LBs will not be able to run freely... our secondary will have to play perfect. Its a domino effect.  You must have immovable objects on your line... we dont.

I'm liking the way the team is coming together, and I'm hoping my low expectations are misguided, but hey I'll take Mount Cody in the 1st round of the draft next year!!!!

Go Bucs!
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