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Time to put the "Lights Out" for good?

Posted on: August 16, 2009 12:18 pm

Due in large part to committing 2 throwing errors himself, Brad Lidge blew another save yesterday, his 8th of the season and 2nd in 5 days.  While his struggles earlier in the season can be at least partially attributed to his knee injury, this doesn't appear to be a issue anymore. 

The big question is who closes if Lidge doesn't?  Ryan Madson was less than impressive filling in as the closer during Lidge's DL stint earlier this season.  Brett Myers was effective as a closer in 2007 (and didn't want to go back to starting), but he's still rehabbing after his hip injury.  And now there's the issue of his eye being injured, and how it actually happened.  He at first told the Phillies that it was from playing catch with his 4-year-old son; now he's saying that he slipped while getting out of his truck.  Aside from the fact that this has delayed his rehab, it raises questions of what REALLY happened, and why he felt the need to lie about it.  J.C. Romero experienced tightness in his forearm during a rehab outing on Friday night and will get an MRI, so he's out of the equation.  There's no one else in the bullpen who is a closer.

Looking outside the 25-man roster, I don't see them getting a closer who'd be an improvement over Lidge through a trade as I'm sure they'd never get anyone of that caliber through waivers.  According to Jim Salisbury's column in the Inquirer this morning, Reading pitcher Scott Mathieson, who had two reconstructive surgeries on his elbow in 2007, has gotten his velocity back in the 92-98 MPH range, and is just working on his location.  Could he be an answer?

There is one other option that might be considered: have Pedro Martinez close, and put Jamie Moyer back in the rotation.  For now, that's a move that would appear to weaken the rotation, but his demotion to the bullpen might put a fire into Moyer that we haven't seen from him.  Right now, Moyer is wasting away in the bullpen, and let's face it, if it had been someone BESIDES Jamie Moyer in that situation, he probably would've either been waived or sent down to the minors.  The move would also cut down on the amount of innings that Pedro would have to work.  It might not be the ideal solution, but it might have to be done come October.

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Posted on: August 19, 2009 4:55 pm

Time to put the "Lights Out" for good?

lidge is just having a bad season. last season he went 41-41 in save attepmpts. but this year he did blow saves like billy wagner.. save after save. the philles could have so many more wins but i dont think they should cut him.and for moyer hes just to old n is wasting time and space in the bulpen but the philles need him unless they can get more new pitchers.

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Posted on: August 19, 2009 4:53 pm

Time to put the "Lights Out" for good?

At least we have options. Madsen, JC, PedroAre you serious? Ryan Madson was lousy as a closer. I don't pitch, but I'm sure there has to be a different mental approach to closing then setting-up. My guess is that Madson doesn't have the closer mentality and is much more comfortable as a set-up man.

As for J.C. Romero, he hasn't pitched forever and there are no real signs of progress. When he went on the DL there was mention he may be out the rest of the season.

Here's the answer but it wont happen.  Release Moyer, Myers the 5th starter, Martinez closes (Throws strikes - had great early ERA) , Lidge in wings on an as need basis.

Pedro closing? You need gas to close. He no longer has the 95 mph fast ball. He should go to long relief with Chan Ho Park. Release Moyer? Jamie Moyer should be reinserted to the 5 spot, especially after last night.

I do agree that Lidge is either hurt or has confidence issues. Either way the Phillies have to make a move. If Myers comes back he would be the best option I think. Durbin is the only other logical choice, but he's so good at what he's currently doing and I woulnd't want to mess up a good thing. We'll know soon enough.

Go Phillies!

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Posted on: August 18, 2009 5:39 pm

Time to put the "Lights Out" for good?

He was embarassed because he was torched after going out on the town with the family.  He said he only had two beers, but he forgot to mention the bottle of whiskey he polished off when drinking his boilermakers.  This is not the first incident besides his wife crying about having her hair pulled in public.  He has been unable to control his temper, and lets it get the better of him.  The only reason he is still on the team, is that he has some talent.  Personally I think that Brad Lidge and him go to the same analyst (Bill "Spaceman" Lee.  Here's to a rocky last month and a half of the season.

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Posted on: August 18, 2009 3:34 pm

Time to put the "Lights Out" for good?

Here's the answer but it wont happen.  Release Moyer, Myers the 5th starter, Martinez closes (Throws strikes - had great early ERA) , Lidge in wings on an as need basis.  

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Posted on: August 18, 2009 1:56 pm

Time to put the "Lights Out" for good?

So would you like to explain why it's "idiotic" to have Pedro close, but it's OK to put him in middle relief?  There's no guarantee that Myers will be back, and you don't think there's anyone in the minors that can help.  I don't see any "washed up" relievers from other teams being an improvement in the closer's role over any of the options that the Phillies currently have--if they were, they wouldn't be getting released.  I'm just trying to throw out potential options that the Phillies have out there and see what people think.  It's clear that Lidge is a concern at this point, so what can the Phillies do to fix the situation?

And the Phillies traded for Lidge, they didn't sign him.

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Posted on: August 18, 2009 10:30 am

Time to put the "Lights Out" for good? or bad??

If Myers makes it back they need to give him a shot as the closer again, at this point it isnt going to hurt and if he returns to the form he showed last time he was the closer, bye bye Lidge.   Have Pedro close??? That is an idiotic commment.   If Pedro continues to have good starts, he should remain as a starter, but if he doesnt, he is much better suited as a middle reliever, not a closer.  The Phillies are holding Moyer and not waiving to wait and see if Pedro continues to post good outings, if he doesnt they will just slip Moyer back into the rotation.   As for other options, no minor leaguer is going to come up and be closer for them at this point.  Quite possibly they would take chance on someone released by another team who that team thought was washed up, heck Lidge was considered washed up till the Phillies went out and signed him and look at the season he had.  With closers you really never know how they will react to a change of scenery, but it appears Lidge needs another change himself.    Isn't Tom Gordon still around, hahaha, just kidding Philly fans.   Guess we shall wait and see but at this point Lidge is not the Lidge from last year and that doesnt appear it is going to change anytime soon.

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Posted on: August 18, 2009 8:52 am

Time to put the "Lights Out" for good?

What about Smoltz as a closer again? BoSox just put him on waivers!

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Posted on: August 18, 2009 12:31 am

Time to put the "Lights Out" for good?

I'm a fan of Myers and for everyone that calls him a liar and questions his motives and all. I could probably find it somewhere but back when this got out Comcast Sportsnet quoted him as saying "I lied because i felt like a dumbass." Or maybe he said idiot? Not 100% sure, but it was something along those lines. "Because i felt like a dumbass" doesn't seem like too shady of a situation to me.
As far as the actual closer issue at hand, yes i agree with most people that Lidge needs to be replaced but i still can't see who can replace him. I guess maybe if the Phillies want to try Madson at closer again? It's not out of the question, but with the way he performed last time i can't see it happening. Right now it doesn't seem like Myers will be back in time to really help us out a whole lot, so im ruling him out as of right now. The most interesting option has to be Jamie Moyer though. I'm sure a lot of you noticed him up and throwing a few days ago when Brad blew the save against the Marlins. Would Charlie put Moyer into the closer's spot? He's the farthest from what you look for in a closer as far as what he throws (and more importantly how fast he throws it). But with nobody really seeming to know how he'll be used in the pen could he be effective as a closer?

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Posted on: August 17, 2009 7:27 pm

Time to put the "Lights Out" for good?

Chan Ho Park should be the closer, since going to the bull pen he has been as good as it gets for the Phills.

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Posted on: August 17, 2009 4:30 pm

Time to put the "Lights Out" for good?

When it comes to "riding Lidge to see if he gets the magic back", it was one thing to say it back in May and June (which I was), but we're now in the middle of August.  Time is quickly running out for Lidge to try to straighten himself out, and it's getting to the point where a decision has to be made.  Lidge says he's confident in his stuff, but only he knows how confident he really is.  I do agree with Charlie's theory that he's running into problems because he's falling behind in the count early.  Hopefully being more aggressive early will straighten him out.

When it comes to Myers, it appears now that it was an innocent incident that got blown up bigger than it was because he lied to the team about it.  The concern with that is that it makes it look like he's covering something up, and you don't want any off-field distractions, especially getting into the stretch drive.

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