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what direction should the sixers head?

Posted on: June 18, 2009 5:49 pm
it has been a while since i posted any serious discussions about the 76ers. to be honest it was a difficult season for me to get very enthusiastic.

i saw some improvements here and there. there were some things i really liked. i saw more development out of thaddeus young. i liked the game maurice speights brought. andre iguodala (really don't like that he is often called the other ai) showed some progress. there were games where he displayed a lot of leadership and made some big shots.

unfortunetly there were too many negatives. i was very disappointed that elton brand got hurt and could not blend with his team. i saw no development in samuel dalembert. he just can't seem to find his way here after many years. willie green is not an nba starter. i question if he is an nba player. although andre miller had a nice season there are holes in his game that would prevent me from making a long term cog of this team. lou williiams also didn't make the progress i had hoped for.

although i am a big fan of maurice cheeks the players weren't performing under him. not sure he got a fair shake but not totally upset he was let go. tony dileo was a stopgap so the team didn't rush to a decision in december. i am not in love with the eddie jordan hire. i have a lot of questions about his effectiveness but am intrigued by what he brings. i think that his system will really benefit brand and young. there are still some holes to fill.

where do they go from here? there isn't much the sixers can do in free agency. they are capped out. but they still can make some changes. i am not quite sure how jason kapono fits in to this current roster. with a log jam of players at the three spot i am not sure there are enough minutes for him to make an impact. but i have a realistic suggestion.

the talk has the psitons pursueing ben gordon. if the Pistons sign gordon they will have a problem at the two spot. i would trade andre iguodala for rip hamilton. andre iguodala would be able to fill a wing with gordon and stuckey on the floor. their salaries are similiar and i think that joe dumars is trying to change the team in detroit. rip would fit in great with the offense that eddie jordan is trying to run in philadelphia and it would give the sixers there first true two man since hersey hawkins.

another possibility if that is not a deal that can be made i would like to see the sixers try and pry jamal crawford from the Warriors. although this might be a more difficult task being the only real possible trade options would be the untradeable samuel dalembert. maybe a fresh start and his athletic ability will peek the interest of nellie, but this is more of a dream deal.

a trade i would think about but not sure if it would be doable is sending iguodala to the Bucks in return for michael redd. it is something that could benefit both teams.

if possible i think the sixers should try a sign and trade with miller. he is not going to be here to get the sixers over the top but might fill that role with a cleveland or other team in need of help at the point.

a potential free agent that i think the sixers could pursue is flip murray. he could provide some instant offense off the bench and might relish the idea of returning home.

finally in the draft i would pursue teague or maynor. both of these guys have the ability to lead a team and can knock down shots as well. although both have questions in their game the draft is never an exact science.i would not try to trade up for either. i am intrigued by ty lawson but he has too many question marks for me. i think that the upside with the others is something i would not want to pass on. i also think that wayne ellington could be a player that could help this team. he made a great deal of progress over his junior season and see him as a solid pro.

i am not sure what ed stefanski will do but these are some of my suggestions. let me know what you think

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