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Texas Roid-Rangers

Posted on: February 12, 2009 5:56 am

For those of you who doubt that the Rangers club house was "loosey goosey" as A Rod said, maybe you should look at the list of players that have already been implicated or had allegations of steroid use.  I tend to believe Alex.

2000 roster:

David Segui-implicated in Mitchell Report

2001 roster:

Alex Rodriguez-admitted use while on Rangers

Randy Velarde-implicated in Mitchell Report

Rafael Palmeiro-pointed his finger at congrss, implicated in Mitchell Report, was caught in 2005

Ken Caminiti-admitted to use in Sports Illustrated in 2002 before passing away

Ivan Rodriguez-Jose Canseco allegation

Ruben Sierra-allegations??

2002 roster:

Ismail Valdez-implicated in Mitchell Report

John Rocker-implicated in Mitchell Report

Juan Gonzalez-personal trainer allegation


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