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New York City trip to see the two new stadiums

Posted on: April 5, 2009 10:09 pm

Managed to make it to New York for the two exhibitions this weekend. We went with a friend who is a lifelong Mets fan and his little brother set up the trip for his birthday so we caught the Mets at Citi Field Friday night. It will probably be the last time I go to Citi Field. First, our tickets were lost somewhere between Stubhub and the Mets and then our replacement tickets were way outside of where we were supposed to be. We bought tickets in a section behind the plate with access to the Ebbets club. The club access which came with our replacement seats was in left field and when we went to get in, they told us we couldn't enter because we hadn't made reservations--no matter that we received the tickets 5 minutes before the game because they screwed up the actual tickets I bought.  They also didn't have half the food at concession stands and were charging different prices for the same size beers at different booths because they only had one size and some venders called them a small and others called them a large. They shut down concession lines while people were still waiting and the single Mets employee who tried to help had his ass chewed by a supervisor in front of us for having any opinion at all which was customer service friendly. Worst baseball experience I have ever had. They should have combined the names of the old and new---Sheati Field (pronounced either as the term for manure or "Shady"---you pick). Funny thing is, I was over it the next day. I just don't plan on returning to the place.

We made it to the Yankees game on Saturday. The day started off poorly because again Stubhub couldn't collaborate on tickets which were bought well in advance of the game. In contrast to the hour and 50 minute wait at Sheati Field Friday night at the outside ticket windows, we were able to wait inside the stadium at ticket windows and they actually comped us tickets which were close to comparable to the tickets we had bought within 10 minutes of trying to locate the tickets. We were able to get into the stadium early enough to hit several areas before going to our seats. I figured being a Yankees fan that I would prefer the new Stadium over whatever product the Mets put out, but not one single person in our party or in the group of about 20 we had met the night before thought there was any comparison. At Yankee Stadium, every employee went out of their way to welcome fans to the new stadium and there were no glitches we encountered.


Lets hope the ghosts made the trip across the street.


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