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Redskins Cap situation and other MOVES in the NFL

Posted on: March 5, 2009 11:18 am

First let me say that despite paying alot of money, my research has told me that the Washington Redskins still have 11.1 M left under the cap for room to make the moves necessary to bring a championship to DC.  I want to see some other moves and a solid draft, and I feel as though with production comes playoffs. 

My opinion on other NFL teams in free agency is very simple....TOO MUCH MONEY AND NOT ENOUGH MOVES...There have only been a few teams active in providing oportunities for these players to make a difference on there teams.  I know the economy is bad, but it's still not that bad. I hear 61 Million, 42 million, and 35 million under cap and those teams are silent in free agency...WHY?  The teams that have those numbers don't impress me that much in order for me to say all the pieces are in place and they can be complacent in order to not bring in some talent.  So for all the NAYSAYERS OUT THERE WHO BASH BIG SPENDERS, your just jelous that your GM's are afraid to bring some talent in without spending any money, with talent comes a price...WITH RISK COMES REWARD!!!!

I feel as though GM's think that as long as seats are filled it doesn't matter about a no offseason, just enough to make the seats filled and keep the fans at bay.  NO DRIVE to make you team win the title of CHAMPION!!!!

SO FOR ALL THE BIG SPENDERS AND RISK TAKERS....GO FORTH, do what you have to because in the end...AT LEAST YOU TRIED!!! and people will remember that...


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