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2010 Predictions

Posted on: March 16, 2010 4:25 pm
Now that my CBS Sport draft is complete I will go on record with my list breakouts, busts, good values and bad. Go ahead and agree with me or tell me I am nuts. At the end of the year we will see if I know as much as I think I do or if I am just another windbag.

Before getting into the details I will say right off the bat that any pitcher drafted in the first four rounds has been over paid for. Sure, you might get a great year out of one of these studs. Considering that pitchers are about three times as injury prone as hitters I would never give up said hitter of a pitcher.

Paid too much for:

5. Victor Martinez or Joe Mauer: Sure these guy are two of the best catchers in the game, but catchers are just as, if not more, injury prone than pitchers. Not to mention the fact that instead of drafting one of them in the first three rounds you can grab another hitter that is 15% more valuable and has a far less chance of injury.
4. Curtis Granderson: Many seem to think that if you take a 29 year old that has ranked in the 20’s for a few seasons now and put him in the Yankee lineup that he becomes a late 4th round pick. I understand the concept here, but what most people do not understand is that the Yankees will not tolerate a full-time starter hitting .200 against lefties. My guess is he will be in a platoon situation by May.
3. Justin Upton: Every year there are a hand full of players that woo owners with young potential and 90% of them fail to live up to the expectations. If he repeats his performance from last year he will fall short of several other outfielders that he is being drafted ahead of. If he exceeds last year’s production then he will be worth the price being paid, but players at this age rarely do that. That same pick could have gotten many owners Jason Werth or Shane Victorino and they would instead have a 90% chance of getting the production they paid for.
2. Javier Vazquez: He had a career year that far surpassed anything he had ever done before at the age of 33. He now returned to the AL where he has been lit up year after year and to the AL east of all places. He has never been a crunch time performer so unless the Wizard of OZ granted him a “pair” I see him falling far short of his average 5th round selection.
1. Jimmy Rollins: He is going around the late third round which is a little high given his value last year and the fact he has been on a steady decline for a couple seasons now. His decline is even more disturbing when you realize that the offense around him has gotten better every year. This guy is primed for a collapse.

Purchased at a bargain price:

5. Matt Holliday: Owners got scared off when his move from Colorado to Oakland decimated his productivity. When you are playing in a pitcher’s park and you are the only legitimate threat in the line up, how many fast balls are you going to see? One he was traded to the Cardinals and took up residence behind Pujols (the best hitter in history through his first nine seasons) Holliday easily a top 10 hitter and I see no reason for that to change.
4. Joey Votto: He missed about 20% of the season last year and over a full season could have scored along side of Miguel Cabrerra. Add in the facts that he is 26 and entering his third year on a good offensive team and I believe you get your next top tier 1st or 2nd round first baseman for the bargain price of a 4th or 5th round pick this year.
3. Jake Peavy: This is a guy that has been a top starter for years and he is going in the late 5ht round. He is leaving one of the best pitchers parks but his home / away splits are usually very close and his inter league record falls in line with his numbers against AL teams. It is likely that any increase in WHIP and ERA will be off set buy having the opportunity to get more wins on a more competitive team.
2. Shane Victorino: He scores in the top 15 in the outfield and he is being drafted around the 9th round. Are people assuming he will fall apart at 29 or that the Phillies will stop destroying baseballs? That is a textbook value pick right there.
1. Andrew Baily: Though I am usually skeptical of players with only one year under their belt I will make an exception here. He is about the 13th closer being drafted despite the fact that he was one of the most dominant. His ERA, WHIP and K’s/9 were all superb. The key stat is that he only blew one save after establishing himself as the closer in June. He fits the mold of such clsing greats like Gosege, Rivera and Gagne in that was a promising starter in the minors that was converted to a closer.

Breakouts and comebacks:
4. B.J. Upton: He tantalized owners with a breakout year in 2007 and started out hot in 2008 before running into shoulder problems. The Rays were having their miracle season so B.J. played through it and as a result had off-season shoulder surgery. What most people do not realize is that shoulder surgery may be worse for a hitter that it is for a pitcher, remember Scott Rollen? Upton is young enough to heal fully and after a full year to recover he could regain his power storke and if he was capable of hitting 25 at age 22 what can he do in the future? The good thing here is that even if he does not regain his power stroke his speed still makes him worth starting in most leagues.
3. Ubaldo Jimenez: He just turned 26 and already has two and a half season under his belt. He already ranked as a number two fantasy starter last year but he still has room to improve. He is a prime candidate to move into the elite tier of pitchers for the next several years.
2. Cole Hamels: Owners get caught up in the ups and downs of starters and draft them too early or too late. Cole is a supremely talented pitcher that showed steady improvement until last year when he had a bad year. Guess what? Pitchers are up and down far more than hitters. There was more major injury so unless he has been mentally damaged you can expect him to return to form especially since he is no longer the team’s ace and the pressure is off.
1. Adam Jones: He had similar production to Justin Upton if you compare them when healthy and yet he does not have the incomprehensible buzz surrounding him that Upton does. I will gladly take Jones in the 11th round and save my 4th round pick for someone other than Upton. Jones could far out value an 11th round pick and if he struggles compared to last year he will probably still be wirth and 11th rounder.


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Posted on: March 23, 2010 12:35 am

2010 Predictions

Yeah, the Mauer pick might get me.  I got Cueto in the 19th round and francour in the 21st round.  I thought I could gamble with them and I actually didnt pick Francour, because my kids were getting out of control and I couldnt get back in time to get Vlad before the time expired.  Me being a Rangers fan, I would have loved to see that too.  That ballpark would have been great for him and it was when he played in it.  Man, its fun to watch him swing at some of the pitches he does, and he puts them in play.

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Posted on: March 22, 2010 10:36 pm

2010 Predictions

I am telling you now that drafting Mauer 10th will bite you in the rear. It is just too much of a risk to take with a 10th pick.

Given Lilly's injury I would have stuck with Cueto. He improved froo 08 to 09 and is hitting the important three year mark. He is so young he might need another year, but his up side is much higher than Lilly's while his down side is not as low.

The Vlad move was a good one. Francour is not worth starting unless you have five outfielders and Vlad may very well have a nice year. I would have loved to see what he could have dome on the rangers before he hurt his back years ago.

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Posted on: March 22, 2010 3:14 am

2010 Predictions

I agree with alot that u said.  Now I would like to know what u think of my add/drops.  My league just started and waivers were processed a few mins ago.  I dropped Francouer for Vlad.  I know there is a risk of injury but will not need him in my starting line-up because I had a great draft eventhough I went 10th.  I dropped Cueto for T. Lilly and shouldnt need him till he comes back from injury if then. With vlad playing in Arlington 81 games he should do good as long as he is healthy, I dont think that will b a problem.  I cant believe they both went undrafted and were not picked up after everyone seen them as a free agent after the draft. Possibly sleepers I hope that I picked up.  I didnt lose much because I waited till the waiver period was over to do it, hoping they were still there. Our draft was on the 20th.  My number one pick was a catcher, never thought that would happen, it was Mauer.  He is solid though.  Number 2 was Kinsler.  It was my fun league, I am a huge Ranger fan but I didnt get Hamilton. Been in fantasy leauges for 4 yrs but never chatted.

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Posted on: March 16, 2010 6:22 pm

2010 Predictions

Good stuff MasterJeff!  I agree with your predictions. 

It's funny but the "hype" that gets thrust upon players each year always does seem to effect fantasy drafts.  How many times will guys draft Alex Gordon too early because publications predict "this will be the year he breaks out"?  I am not comparing Justin Upton to Gordon as Upton has already had much more success.  However he had one solid season and every indication is he will one day be a fantastic top 5 stud but as you said the hype has him going over much more proven players already.  Your also right on with what I like to call the "Yankee effect" in regards to Curtis Granderson.  For years my Dad and I have discussed the added value an already established player seems to inherit if moving to the Yankees.  This always increases the players ADP.  More often than not that player never comes close to the increased value and if he does there were usually other factors involved.   

Since you asked me for it in a previous post I will give you the following advice.  I would mark it as private as it's really nobody elses business but I see no way to do that in response to a BLOG post.

Overall your presentation on this BLOG entry and the entries summarizing your experts league are very well done.  I found reading them "easy" and you were able to mix in some suspense (as much as you can with fantasy baseball).  One bit of advice I can give to you that was given to me involves proof-reading.  Most of the grammar mistakes I saw you would probably pick up if you re-read thoroughly prior to posting.  If part of your issue is how you proof-read one tip you can try is read the post back to yourself out loud as it is written slowly.  Try not to finish your own sentences from memory because you know that is what you intended to say.  Another easy way to check on your grammar is to type out your post/BLOG in a word document that you can run a spelling and grammar check on.  Then simply copy and paste the final draft into your BLOG.

I'm sure the more you write it will become second nature.  When I first started writing for "audiences" and throughout my school years I was never good at grammar.  To much time spent playing baseball I guess.  Fortunately, it is something that can be easily learned.  From your posts and obvious knowledge of fantasy baseball I can tell you are no dummy so I'm sure you will be writing like a pro in no time.

Later Buddy,

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