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Dynasty League: 2009 Summary

Posted on: March 22, 2010 10:56 pm
    This season came with some of the greatest highs and lowest lows I have experienced in my eight years of playing fantasy baseball. By June anyone would have thought I had the league locked up and by August the same people would have written off any chance I had of finishing in the money. Here is how the roller coaster ride went down.

    By June one I had a 20+ point lead and had been in first place all but the first couple days of the season. To make matter even better Andrew Bailey had just took control of the A’s closer job giving me hope in the saves category. Nolasco was tanking and Floyd had started slow, but he turned it around in May. Volquez had hit the DL but was returning soon. Weaver was breaking out big time, Bedard was dominant, Duke was pitching well, and Johnson was a CY Young Candidate.  Powered by Martinez and Hill coming bag big time from injury and Reynold busting out big time my offense was one of the best in the league. At this point the only downer I had was the fact that none of my closer canidates had panned out.

    Shortly after Bedard made a short trip to the DL but was coming back the same time as Volquez, so I decided to turn my pitching surplus into closers. I traded Nolasco and Hanson for Ryan Franklin and Fransico Cordero. The closer part worked out nicely taking me from 15th in saves to 3rh in saves while helping the other pitching stats too. The killer part was the fact that Bedard and Volquez never actually came off the DL leaving me light starters. On top of that a pulled hamstring turned into a lost season for Jose Reyes, my best player, and Carlos Quentin’s foot injury cost him about half the season. Through in a wrist injury that sapped Cantu’s power for four months of the season and 20% of my initial starting roster was crippled by injury for at least half the season.

    Despite such heavy losses I managed to hold onto first place util the beginning of August when a dogfight for the championship started. A few deft moves kept me in the fight. I picked up Nyjer Morgan early on and he replaced Reyes’ production to a decent extent and Macier Iztruis put up nice numbers at short for a three month span. Since I was in win now mode I traded the useless Reyes for Josh Beckett.

    Going into the last week I was as close as 2.5 point out of first and had arranged so I had 11 starts for the last week. Like the rest of the year injuries took their toll. Beckett missed his last start and Floyd missed his last three. I lost two or three more quality starts when guys dominated for five innings only to be taken out of the game since the season winding down and managers wanted to look at young bullpen arms.

This all added up to a third place finish. On one hand this was infuriating. Forget all the huge injuries, if Cantu had not injured his wrist that alone would have been enough of a boost to hand me the title. On the other hand I realizes that this is a dynasty league. As long as I did not have any more freakish injury years I felt I should be able to dominate this league for the next three of four years. I was also very proud of myself for battling through such a frustrating year without throwing my computer out the window or running up and down my street cursing at the top of my lungs.

In your opinion am I right to think this was a freakish injury year? What do you think are my chances for the future?
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