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Important game 4

Posted on: April 21, 2010 12:58 pm
What a change in mindset this Sabres team and fans have had sense the start of this series.  After game 1, the Buffalo Sabres held the momentum of this series in their hands, but sense they have given that up to the Boston Bruins, or should I say the Bruins have taken it from them.  The physical play of the Boston Bruins has been the deciding factor in a close series.  Boychucks hit on Matt Ellis in game 3 was the prime example of how the Bruins are beating up the Sabres.  With the loss of Thomas Vanek and Yokin Heacht, the sabres offense has been boring at best and the total domination on the physical side of things, Lyndy Ruff and the Sabres have an up hill climb if they want to swing the momentum in this series.  But good news... they are only one game back in a best of seven series.  If the Sabres could pull out a win in game 4, they would have the series tied at two, and making it a best of three, with two games at home in Buffalo.  But, if this Sabres hockey team doe not pull out a win, they are looking at a tough, if not impossible hill to climb.  Down three to one, even if they are headed home would be a very hard task to overcome.  With that said, Lyndy Ruff has called up 6'1", Cody McCormick, from Portland.  He is a player with size who likes to muck it up in the corners, a physical player that the Sabres are oping can give them the spark they need to swing the momentum back in their favor.

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