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LAOJoe's Bracket: March 3rd, 2011

Posted on: March 3, 2011 6:40 pm
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I will try and get it all typed here later but for now you can look at it at the link above. You guys probably do that anyways to begin with.

Games through March 2nd, 2011.
I followed the procedures and hopefully I don't have any rematches.

There is one obvious procedural error that I will ignore at the moment. There are 2 SEC teams in the same half of a bracket. As I do not think there is another team worthy of a 9 seed or a 5 seed, nor do I think Kentucky is a 4 seed yet with the teams in front of them, and because it is still relatively early, I will leave it as is.

Some shuffling. Michigan replaces Colorado, Memphis holds on for now, and I gave BYU a 2 seed for now. I think it will turn out that if BYU wins out including the MWC tournament then they will get a 2 seed. It could be credited to a bad matchup vs New Mexico since they lost to them before. If they lose before the Dance then BYU will likely be a 3 or 4 seed.

The winner of the East Regional would play the winner of the West Regional.
The winner of the Southeast Regional would play the winner of the Southwest Regional. Autobids in ALL-CAPS.

Last Four In (First 4 Participants): Virginia Tech, Memphis, Butler, Michigan
Last Four Out:
Colorado State, Nebraska, Clemson, Southern Miss

10 More On The Bubble:
Alabama, Penn State, Colorado, Marshall, Drexel, Baylor, Oklahoma State, UTEP, Washington State, New Mexico


Bids By League:
BIGE-11, BIG10-6, ACC-5, BIG12-5, SEC-5, ATL10-3, MWC-3, PAC10-3, COL-2, HORIZ-2, CUSA-2, WCC-2

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 9:01 pm

LAOJoe's Bracket: March 3rd, 2011

One thing I noticed is that you have a potential rematch between Louisville and UNLV in the 2nd round.

Great job on everything, looks good!

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