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Three teams in similar games w/different outcomes

Posted on: September 22, 2009 10:12 pm
There were three games I sat and watched every minute of: UW vs. USC, the Hawks vs. the 49ers, and the Fish vs. the Colts.  I was pumped for the UW game because I knew they would win (and of course they did).  Every SC fan I know KNOWS that USC plays down to people they view as inferior.  If their schedule was Ohio State, Florida, Alabama, and Miami, they would go undefeated every year (maybe not this year, but at worst they would go 3-1).  But when they play Oregon State, UW, or any middle of the pack Pac-10 team on the road, they lose.  That's what they do.  Now, all three of these games had one team dominate the running game, time of possession (not in USC's case, but every time they got the ball was nerve-racking), and looked good on D for the most part.  But, there were three different results.  Of course, I could only benefit once out of the three games.  UW probably shouldn't have beaten USC, but they did.  Not sure why they didn't run McKnight on every play or at least a screen, but Pete Carroll decided not to.  The Hawks looked bad without their two starting linebackers, and Mike Singletery, the second best coach in the division besides Whisenhunt, knew it and exploited it with Frank Gore.  Smart, simple coaching.  I would love it if the Seahawks got an elite running back, drafted more O-lineman and became a team like Baltimore, San Francisco, or Minnesota and just ran the ball and played defense.  Hasselbeck or Seneca Wallace could manage the game and make plays when needed to (they're certainaly better than Shaun Hill, whose 9-3 record is irrelevant when you see he has the mechanics of a shot-putter).  I hate that the Seahawks are soft like the Rams were shown to be after they lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl.  After they lost Hutchinson and the Super Bowl, they lost their toughness in the trenches.  Ruskell is worthless and Mora is the 4th best coach in the division.  What has he done?  He's a defensive coach who is only known for letting Mick Vick loose.  Stop trying to fill holes and find a silver bullet, build the trenches up a la Arizona and San Francisco.  Corners and WR are useless overall anyway.  If you can stop a pass rush and create a pass rush, the rest handles itself in the NFL.  I love watching teams like the NY Giants and Miami Dolphins who put it in the trenches' hands and just dominate time of possession.  They look like a machine.  This isn't college where you can expect to come back from 14 down easily unless your Indianapolis, who stole that game.  What was Sparano thinking chewing up time on the final drive?  No words for how stupid that was or how frustrating it was to watch.  Is Indy that good or that lucky in two games?  I hope the Fish can bounce back soon, but that was demoralizing.  Carroll and Sparano put on a clinic on how to lose games you should win, while Mora simply looked underprepared (weird!). 

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