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Killing Two Birds with one Stone

Posted on: January 8, 2010 7:22 pm
This is probably premature, but dumping Mora for Carroll sounds awesome.  First, I was thrilled Mora is gone.  People are harping for consistancy and Hasselbeck's head, but Mora is a college coach (ironic since they're pursuing Carroll).  He wanted the UW job, not the Seahawks job.  His record is dropping off, he's unproven, and he lost the team.  The Seahawks have to clear house, including their lame duck coach.  Carroll at least gets the Seahawks to lead Sportscenter (when was the last time any Seattle team did that?  The 116 win Mariners?).  That draws FAs and gives Seattle more exposure than just being South Alaska.  Carroll is a BSer, that works for FAs.  I wouldn't be surprised if they select Taylor Mays (O'Dea!), Charles Brown, and McKnight with their first 3 picks (not too shabby).  Seattle wants to be LA north anyway (cars/sprawl/progress > rail/density/green), why not make the Seahawks USC north?  Tatupu and Mays on D, Brown and McKnight on O.  I'm excited.  The Hawks HAVE to be more entertaining and more cocky than last year at least.  They are soft, boring, and old right now.  This would be a perfect hire, even if he stays at his .500 clip as a coach.  That's better than Mora going to the toilet.  AND if Sarkisian doesn't bolt for USC (he might!), then UW has a better chance at bouncing back to the top. 

The Hawks are being jerks with Leslie Frazier though.  I don't want him (DC of the Bengals, Colts, and falling apart Vikings D? Ugh) but jerking him around to satisfy the Rooney rule is messed up.  Things might be better for UW and the Seahawks, at least more entertaining.
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