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Mariners better be good

Posted on: February 17, 2010 2:09 am
The Mariners better be good this year, because anything but a World Series berth is going to make Seattle look like the dumbest smart city for giving up Durantula for free.  San Antonio Spurs lite = 3 NBA championships.  Ugh.  I'll buy an OKC shirt just to shut up the WNBA and MLS snobs.  Listen, again, I like the Sounders but they are in a tier 3 league.  And don't talk to me about WNBA and teamwork when the Thunder have all of that.  Ugh with a side of ugh.  My icon might be switching from the Nuggets soon.  Technically, it's still my team and they did jack the trophy Seattle won and my mom saw in the victory parade, so fairs fair.  Hopefully the Nuggets can stop that self-depricating nonsense and win one for Coach Karl, an awesome, AWESOME coach.  His firing was the beginning of the end.
I made some good calls with the Saints winning the Super Bowl and the Thunder being good.  I feel pretty good about that.  My friend and his girlfriend were rooting AGAINST the Colts.  WTF was that?  His girlfriend has a crush on Manning (???!) and I'm not sure what my friend's deal was.  Maybe he just hates black people secretly.  He did ditch the NBA for MLS real quick, hmmm...
Predictions for the NBA are boring (Lakers vs. team the makes the King without a Crown look stupid), so NHL predictions!   West will be bizarro once the Red Wings choke their way out of the playoff mix (ha ha).  Do I dare go with the Avs vs. Canucks possible matchup winner?  San Jose and Chicago are the frontrunners?  What are Phoenix and LA doing here?  Side note: I enjoyed myself in Phoenix last year on Spring Break, the Coyotes should be downtown, not in Glendale.  Someone in Phoenix should be fired for their urban planning.  Glendale?  Seriously???  Sucks to be a Cardinals fan or 'Yotes fan without a car.  As long as Nashville dies a quick death (I hate the Predators randomly.  Why aren't they in Hamilton, KC, or Seattle? it'll be great.  I'd pick the Blackhawks just because there are too many bad luck teams, but they have Hossa, who can be a liability, and if it's the Saints year, why not the Sharks?  As much as I want to see Ovie/Crosby 2, who is going against the Devils and Brodeur's send off with a gold medal and a cup?

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Posted on: March 16, 2010 7:01 am

Mariners better be good

Foot in mouthYou talk about so many random events that seem to be unrelated to each other, yet separate events that have happened.  I get the feeling after reading this that you are possibly a fair weather fan.  I am a fan of a team through the bad and the good.  Once a fan, always a fan.  Mabee you should switch to the Nuggets and it might make you happier as a person.  Seattle will do there best they can to win the pennant this year without a doubt.  The competition is as tough as it has always been with Texas and the Angels, sound in there line ups like always.  Even Oakland is coming up with some young talent that will undoubtably make names for themselves someday, guys like Rajai Davis and Andrew Bailey.  Seattle is doing more than I have ever seen them do in one year, actually starting last year but putting the hammer down last fall to get a line up that should be able to win the AL West.  It is still going to be tough when you have the Angels that have the budget and the talent to win, and Texas with new talent like Neftali Feliz and Tommy Hunter in the bullpen.  I won't count on the Mariners to win it all, but I know that they will try and that they are closer than ever with all of the new talent that they have brought in the last year and a half.  I still give them 3 years before they win it all.  Time for the team to grow together and bond.  Time they need to learn how to win in a division that every team has a above .500 record and there arent any other divisions this tough in MLB today.  I will remain a fan and sport my Mariners hat through thick and thin, best and worst, lightest and darkest of days, because I know the money has been well spent on good talent and the talent is in place for a MLB Championship within the next three years.Cool  Give them a little more time, they are sure not to be a losing team.  Just a team that is working in the right direction that happens to be in the toughest division they can be in.  If it was the NL West, they would have been in divisional rounds for the last few years already.  Dont lose faith, keep your icon, sport Seattle like they should be sported.  No fair weather fans or you might as well pick up the Nuggets icon and sportwear.

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