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I didn't understand why I dropped from 99-97

Posted on: July 16, 2009 4:46 am
Edited on: July 16, 2009 4:47 am
Now I know.  I posted a comment after Steve McNair's death, simply stating what I feel is truth.  I guess that an administrator thought that I went too far by saying that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned so they removed my comment.  What was allowed to stay on the board were comments users were making about other users' mothers.  Comments about being sexually active with them and about their hygiene.  I suppose that these comments are quite alright, yet mine crossed the line?  Tsk tsk sportsline.  I'm quite disappointed in you for drawing an extremely fine line.  At no time did I make a comment saying that he deserved to die.  I just said that things like this happen when you get caught up in stupid, ignorant nonsense, which is exactly what the situation dictated to me.  To me, what happened to Arturo Gatti is far more tragic (unless we find out he routinely beat his wife.)  It's my opinion, and it may not be politically correct, but at least I'm not being childish and using kindergarten schoolyard insults about other people's mothers.  Peace.

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Posted on: July 17, 2009 7:16 pm

I didn't understand why I dropped from 99-97

It's not the ratings system.  I'm not too concerned with what my rating is as opposed to seeing it drop so sharply, kinda made me wonder how it went about happening.  When I saw what happened, it just seemed a little hypocritical to yank my comment, but leave the other comments up.  I'm not hurt or pissed or upset, just curious.  Your situation is a little different.  That guy is just an ass, obvious by the fact that his name is fire Coughlin, yet the Giants won the Super Bowl without doing what he asked.  He obviously doesn't really know much on the subjects he's talking about.  Good luck though, I'll throw you five stars to get you back on track.

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Posted on: July 17, 2009 12:07 am

I didn't understand why I dropped from 99-97

The rating system shouldn't mean much. Personally, a number next to someone's name doesn't convince me to validate or shun their opinion. I can understand why you're annoyed though. The admins should use better jugement...just be glad you're still a superstar. I had a 93 rating a couple months ago, then some loser FIRE COUGHLIN! warned me like 5 times in 24 hours and I've been a Pro since. Now, I don't care about my rating, but apparently I can't post on my blog or edit certain things in my profile as a Pro. Weak. All because of some moron who himself can't offer these boards a speck of valuable insight. I hope hearing my story will make you less pissed about your situation.

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