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The return of Michael Vick.

Posted on: July 20, 2009 7:02 pm
I'm going to start this off by saying that I am a dog lover.  I have a 2 year old beagle and he's my homie.  I want to get an American Pit Bull Terrier one day.  That being said, I think we all need to step back and take a real hard look at the possibility of Vick returning to the National Football League.  Personally, while I don't agree with what Vick did, I don't believe that he should be vilified for what he's done.  We're not talking about Donte Stallworth or Leonard Little.  We're not talking about vehicular homicide while being intoxicated.  We're talking about a guy who funded a dog fighting ring.  Something that, in many urban areas, is treated with the same respect as cock fighting is in the Dominican Republic or bullfighting in Mexico.  The only reason that there was such a fuss made over it is because alot of people like dogs.  There are spider lovers out there, yet nobody is crying over someone killing a spider.  There are mice lovers, yet nobody is crying over mouse traps.  So, before you throw stones, remember that you've probably killed an animal at some point in time.  Let's get over it.

On the other hand, why would a team sign him?  We'll set aside the bad publicity for a second and delve into the fact that Vick just wasn't a very good quarterback.  Yeah, I know, he was exciting to watch.  Big deal.  We saw what happened when Roddy White finally had someone who threw the ball instead of running.  Peerless Price said that he left the Falcons to go back to Buffalo because he was tired of blocking 85% of the time.  The fact of the matter is that if you wanted to stop Vick, just study what the Buccaneers did when they played him.  Why would you want him as a backup?  What has this guy been doing the last two years?  Who's to say that he's even in football shape?  Personally, I think the best solution is for Roger Goodell to suspend Vick for the season.  This serves two purposes.  First, it allows Goodell to deflect criticism for letting Vick back into the league immediately after finishing his prison term.  Second, it allows Vick to work out at state of the art facilities in order to get back into real shape.  It will also show whether Vick is dedicated to returning to football and putting his past indiscretions behind him or not.  Also, I think that Donte Stallworth should be suspended for life.  Drunken driving leads to people dying and it should be considered murder.  Donte Stallworth is a murderer and deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his days.

Thanks for listening.
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Posted on: July 23, 2009 10:33 pm

The return of Michael Vick.

Good Blog notorious98, I think your the first person I saw actually say it like it is with Vick and his ability.  He was super athletic, fast, agile and fun to watch, but he was not a good QB.  The stats and facts tell the whole story about the truth behind Michael Vick's play under center.  I think Vick's rare skill sets would have lended better to being a WR or Spell Back, but who knows what kind of hands he had and how well he'd be able to run a route or take numerous open field hits.

In 2006:
20th in the League with a 75.7 QB Rating. 
31st in the League in Completion %. 
22nd in the League in Total Pass Yards
Tied for 15th with 5 other players 15 picks thrown

In 2005:
25th with a 73.1 QB rating 
29th in the League in Completion %.
20th in the League in Total Yards
Tied for 25th with 13 picks thrown 

In 2006, the Atlanta Falcons were dead last in the NFL in passing yards per game and were 23rd in passing yards per attempt.  The one and only stat that Michael Vick led NFL QB's in was rushing yards with 1039 total yards.  However in the 123 rushing attempts that he made, he fumbled the ball 4 times and only scored 2 TD's.  Thats 5 less rushing TD's than Vince Young the same year who only attempted it 83 times. 

I've heard a lot of people argure that Vick had no talent or people around him and because of that, he was a victim of circumstance.  That his QB stats don't tell the true story of his ability because he had no one to throw the ball to and had a bad O-Line.  NO, NO, NO....

Peerless Price had 94 receptions, 1252 receiving yards and 9 TD's in 2002 in Buffalo the year before he went to Atlanta.  He had 1/3 the receptions in 03 and half the receptions in 04.  How about Warrick Dunn who's receptions steadily decreased over his career with Atlanta and then magically doubled in 2008 when he went back to Tampa?  He went from hitting mid 400-500+ yard receiving seasons to low 200 and less when Vick was his QB.  The O-line was horrible in Atlanta??  How was a 5'9" 185 lbs. RB that could only manage one 1000 yard season behind one of the best FB's in NFL history (Mike Allstot), able to run for 3 straight 1000+ yard seasons in Atlanta?  No way he could have if his O-Line was that bad.
How about Alge Crumpler, the 4 time Pro Boweler and 2 time All Pro TE that the Falcons drafted the same year as Vick?  He was there the entire time Vick was, he wasn't a target for vick to throw to?  Dez White had 49 receptions, 583 yards and 3 TD's in only 11 games in 2003 while in Chicago.  In 2004 when he had Vick at QB, he played 4 more games than the prior year, but had 19 less receptions, 213 less yards and 1 less TD.  Michael Jenkins started every game (16) in 2006 but only had 39 receptions for 436 yards.  The same guy started only 6 games in 2007 and ended up with 53 receptions, 532 yards.  He followed that up in 2008 with 50 receptions for 777 yards.  While Vick was his QB, he never had more than 39 receptions or 508 yards, but the fact that he improved his stats considerably once Vick was gone was just a fluke I guess?  Not Vick's fault, he was a Pro Bowel QB....
Which leads me to my next point.  Vick made the Pro Bowel as a 3rd QB in 3 Pro Bowls, 2002, 2004 and 2005.

2002 Pro Bowl:
3rd QB behind Brett Favre and Jeff Garcia.  Out of 16 rated QB's in the NFC:  
10th in NFC in completion %
7th in NFC in QB rating
9th in NFC in Passing yards 
9th in NFC in Passing TD's 

2004 Pro Bowl
3rd behind Duante Culpepper and Donavin McNabb.  Out of 17 rated QB's in the NFC:
11th in the NFC in completion %
14th in NFC in QB rating
12th in NFC in passing yards
11th in NFC in passing TD's

2005 Pro Bowl:
3rd QB behind Jake Delhomme and Matt Hasselbeck.  Out of 16 rated QB's in the NFC:
12th in the NFC in QB rating
14th in the NFC in completion %
10th in the NFC in passing yards
8th in the NFC in passing TD's

I think its a travesty that this guy was in even one Pro Bowl let alone 3.  He was never better than even half of the QB's that played in the NFC in anything that matters when your a QB.  The only thing he led QB's in was rushing but how many QB's made even half the attempts at rushing that he made? 

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Posted on: July 22, 2009 10:28 pm

The return of Michael Vick.

That's an awesome tidbit of information about Vick.  I guess, in a way, he was an animal trainer.  I know that's kind of twisted, but sometimes you have to look at things a little more abstract then the next man.

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Posted on: July 21, 2009 5:41 pm

The return of Michael Vick.

I am a Falcon Fan and enjoyed having Vick on the team.  With that said, I don't think much of the real person we have come to know since this whole dog fighting ring story broke.  I have ask myself the same questions recently:  Should he be forgiven, Has he paid his debt for his crimes, and Should he be alowed back into the NFL and if so, when. It's not my place to forgive but I do think he has paid a fair debt for his crimes.  Therefor I find myself willing to forget enough that I would see it just for him to be able to return to the NFL.  To the question of when...I like the reasoning given for Goodell to exclude Vick from this season.  That is a point of veiw that makes great sense.  Goodell would please most with that action.  Vick would benifit as well.  If he comes back this season, and fails he would be writtin off for good.  The year of prep would also let peoples memory fade a little.

When he does come back, and I think he will at some point.  He will be more of the "Slash" player as opposed to a starting or back up QB

Trivia:  In the Falcons handbook given to season ticket holders in 2006, Vick finished the following stament ,"If I didn't play football, I'd be a:" By saying. " Animal Trainer"

Thanks for your thoughts

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Posted on: July 21, 2009 6:53 am

The return of Michael Vick.

I also agree Vick is a piece of ( poop ) and he got served. The Max to be exact. His punishment was a little steep in my opinion. It was steep cause he is a role model. His punishment should be enough but I guess not. He still needs to make a public statement ... is what I'm hearing. I dunno let the guy back in. He is a Ball Player and has been punished for his mistake "WRONGS" to the MAX! I believe in 2nd chances and this is a great time to see it. If he has any Game in him they should let him play. I am a Philadelphia Eagles Fanatic and would love to have him Back Up McNabb. I think he'd be a Great addition to our already Great Team. Best of Luck Vick!

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Posted on: July 21, 2009 12:58 am

The return of Michael Vick.

Most would agree that Michael Vick is a scumbag, and those some people would agree he deserves the chance to play in the NFL again. Without comparing him to Stallworth or Little...the guy has payed his dues. He's been humiliated, he's lost most of his wealth, he's been to jail. Whether or not he should be suspended is another question, but he should undoubtedly have the chance to pursue a comeback in the league. The Stallworth thing is a completely seperate issue. One thing to keep in mind is Stallworth owned up to what he did, whereas Vick tried to lie his way out of the allegations, only to be ratted out by his peers. Good read.

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