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NFL Week 1 Predictions

Posted on: September 8, 2009 11:51 pm
Edited on: September 8, 2009 11:53 pm
    Well today is the day I'm sticking my foot in my mouth and projecting the division standings and week 1 winners.  I thought about predicting games through week 8 but since teams are just warming up the first couple weeks I hate to do that so soon without letting the teams work out the kinks in the first couple weeks. 
    My Dallas Cowboys are really making it hard for me to try and forsee their future.  I think the offense is going to be ok,  I think the defense will be ok baring injuries.  I think this is a big swing year for Tony Romo, He will either colapse at the end of the season or he will stay strong.  But whatever he is this season,  it will be what he is for the rest of his career.  If he can cut out some of the silly throws he makes sometimes I think he will be ok,  but it's not just him.  There are a few questions that need to be answered first to determine what this Cowboy's team will be.  Can Roy Williams play to his potential?  Or should I say his salary?  Can Terence Newman stay healthy?  Can the secondary come through with some stops and eliminate some of these big plays?  Can Marion Barber and Feliz Jones stay healthy?  If the question is "Yes" to all these questions then I would say the Cowboy's would be a good playoff team.  If the answer is no then I believe Tony Romo's welcome starts to wear out in Dallas along with Wade Phillips.


Tennesee at Pittsburgh             Pittsburgh(23-17)

Miami at Atlanta                       Atlanta(24-17)
Denver at Cincinnati                  Cincinnati(28-10)
Minnesota at Cleveland             Minnesota(21-13)
Jacksonville at Indianapolis       Indianapolis(27-21)
Detroit at New Orleans               New Orleans(31-21)
Dallas at Tampa Bay                 Dallas(28-10)
Philadelphia at Carolina             Carolina(24-21)
Kansas City at Baltimore            Baltimore(24-10)
NY Jets at Houston                    NY Jets(24-23)
Washington at NY Giants            NY Giants(24-14)
San Francisco at Arizona             Arizona(27-17)
St.Louis at Seatle                      Seatle(24-7)
Chicago at Green Bay                 Chicago(24-21)

Buffalo at New England               New England(31-24)
San Diego at Oakland                San Diego(24-17)          

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