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Welcome Back Super Bowl Champs

Posted on: October 7, 2009 5:29 am
I honestly Felt Like that was the team we've been waiting for so far this season.  Minus 1 quarter.
The Offensive Line was Explosive And Dominated the entire game.  They Gave up 3 sacks, But 2 of them was Ben Roethlisberger being himself.  Our Rushing Game was Exciting.  Finally got to Unleash the Beast our First Rounder: Rashard Mendenhall.  Hate to see Willie Parker go down like this, but I think everyone in Pittsburgh Knew that this season was his last as a Steeler.

I made some Comments in my last blog about how Bruce Arians needed to be More creative in his play calling especially late in the game.  So what does he do this game?  The Half-back Sweep Pass.  Mendenhall Throws a Laser to Heath Miller In the back of the endzone.  No one knew that was coming.  Also They were NOT a run first team in the 4th quarter.  They didn't sit on the lead like they've done in the Previous 2 games. 

How Great it will be to have Troy Polamalu back.  BUT i DO NOT want him back yet.  He needs to rest a few more weeks and come back healthy for Brett Farve, Adrian Peterson and the Vikings.  We Should win the next two games against Detroit Lions and The Cleveland Browns.  I WONT say its a definite because this is the NFL and Until we finally put someone out of the water and play 60 minutes of Defensive football. 

Im loving the offense after Sundays performance.  We mixed it up in the redzone and instead of kicking field goals we scored TD's.  Another improvement.

Things we need to work on:

1. Communication between the QB and Recievers.  It seems like there have been more miscues so far this season than i can ever remember with route running or hot reads.

2. Our Outside Linebackers HAVE to get MORE pressure.  I don't know whats going on with Lawrence Timmons and James Harrison but they need to elevate there game and get some more pressure on the QB.  When We are Blitzing and not getting pressure our Secondary is left vulnerable.  Dick lebeau where are the schemes!  -Again Troy had a big part in this haha

3.  Zone Coverage.  Got picked apart by one Man (Antonio Gates)  We need to tighten up!

4. Special Teams- HOLD ON TO THE BALL.  We would not even be discussing another 4th quarter comeback had special teams held on to a football.  Twice.  The onsides Get on the ball no excuses.  Stefan Logan I don't care how many people are gang tackling you get to your knees and hold on to the ball.

Overall Things are definitly looking up for Pittsburgh.  We Bend But were not going to break.  Keep on that stairway to seven!

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Posted on: November 13, 2009 6:28 am

Welcome Back Super Bowl Champs

Everyone loves Fast Willie but I agree His contract will probably not be renewed this year. Harrison has turned it up the past couple weeks. I believe our offensive line has improved so much this year. Ben has time to throw the ball. It's a totally different defense with Troy back. Mendenhall is really taking over. After a 1 and 2 start we have ripped off 5 wins in a row. Big game with the Bengals this week.

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