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Better Than Recent Years, But 8-8 Aint All Great

Posted on: December 29, 2010 6:00 pm

So the Raiders aren’t going to the playoffs this year.  Is anyone REALLY surprised?  I think the biggest surprise of their season is how they dominated the AFC West.  Should they beat Kansas City this weekend they will have swept their division for the first time since this Raider fan joined the Nation.  So the season has had its high points, but its had its low points as well.  Today, let us have a look at a few of the things that disappointed in 2010.

1.        Who is the QB of the Oakland Raiders?

-          Lets be honest.  Until Bruce All Mighty went on IR, every week was a guessing game.  “Campbell is our starter” was all we heard during the summer.  That lasted 6 quarters.  Then the Raider Nation had visions of last year’s upsets over Pittsburgh and Cincinnati dancing in our heads as Gradkowski lead our team to victory over the mighty St. Louis Rams.  Then he blew his shoulder out.  Then he missed some time.  Then he tried to play through it.  Then he couldn’t. Then he went on IR.  Of course, both QBs were a ridiculous upgrade over Jamarcus “Purple Drank” Russell, but is being better than the biggest (figuratively and literally) bust of all time REALLY good enough?  Then again, along as Run DMC keeps carrying the rock like he did this year, does it really matter who is handing off to him?


2.       Will DHB Ever Arrive?

-          I know that WR is one of the most difficult adjustments from college to the NFL.  I know that most receivers take three years to develop.  I know that he has all the physical tools.  I know he has had two different offensive co-ordinators in his first two seasons.  I know he has had a bit of a revolving door at quarterback.  I also know that the smaller, younger, and lower drafted Jacoby Ford has had to deal with most of these issues too.  Ford didn’t have the benift of starting or working with the first team offense in practice much.  But guess what.  Jacoby Ford looks like he has potential, and has already outplayed DHB.  I don’t like jumping to conclusions, and I know people wrongly wrote off Run DMC, but I am really starting to get nervous about Darius Heyward-Bey. 


3.       Rolando McClain.  Future Star, or Over Hyped?

-          When the Raiders took the big middle linebacker out Alabama in the first round I didn’t know what to think.  My first thought was “AW F***!  What the f*** am I going to do with my Kirk Morrison Jersey now?”  My second thought was “did we really need a linebacker?  Don’t we need help on the O-line?”  Then I decided that, wow, he is such a talented player, I’m just glad he’s on OUR team.  Then I started drinking the cool aid.  I started believing that he was instantly a shoe-in for DROY, and that he would single handily fix the run defence issues that have plaugged our team for years. Maybe I set the bar too high.  When I look back, He actually had a pretty decent season.  The most important thing was that every week the play by play men called his name more and more.  As the season wore on, he began making bigger plays.  I think this future is bright for this young man.


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