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4th BEST is worst case scenerio

Posted on: February 25, 2010 4:41 pm
CLASSIC.. That is what should be used to describe this US hockey team. Here is a bunch of young guys that most people have never heard of and look at what they are doing. Sound familiar? Granted, its not the 1980 kids who captured a nation by storm but their playing with the same heart and emotion. I love that everyone outside of the US has written these guys off. REALLY?? They make it to the semi-finals and their still not that good? They may not win the gold but they deserve more respect than their getting. Russia..OUT, Switzerland...OUT, Germany...OUT, CZech Republic...OUT, Norway...OUT, Latvia...OUT, Sweden...Out, Belarus...OUT. The way I see it (and call me crazy) is that the worst that the US could do is be the 4th BEST in the world. Show some respect. You may not like us, and you may feel that we dont deserve to be here... But when its all said and done, WE WILL TAKE ON THE WORLD!!!
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