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Post I - Spring 2010

Posted on: March 23, 2010 1:43 am

Mike Dyer is an Auburn Tiger. Auburn University is still Running Back U. This is pretty exciting if you ask me. In my opinion, the spread is the wrong formation for this type of back, but maybe with the mixture of Onterio McCalleb, the duo might cause some major waves. I wanted to start on a positive note before I delved into my concerns, being such a positive guy and all.

My major concerns ending the season were dealing with the offensive line. We just were not able to stand up to those big strong SEC defenses. I know Chris Todd took a ton of heat for his line and I respected him for it, but my goodness. If a guy can't stand in the pocket because his jersey already has hands grabbing it, there is a problem. His blind side was exposed a lot, and he showed how little confidence he had in his line when the SEC teams came to play. I am not saying Todd didn't do a poor job at times. I think he choked a bit, but I think that his choking had a lot to do with the mental state his O-line put him in. I was really happy to see some attention go into that when recruiting.

Another big concern is who to put at quarterback. Wow how long has it been since we have had too many good quarterbacks to choose from? I think Cam Newton is a good choice. With Neil Caudle as his first backup, and Tyrik Rollison as the third string. I know I know, everyone wants to see Tyrik out there doing the Mike Vick thing, but its time to be serious. Auburn is not a freak show. We have built teams on excellence in running the ball with power and dexterity. A well versed and experienced quarterback is what this rebuilding team needs right now so that we may keep our identity as the Running Back University. Tyrik will definitely get his chance, but for now in our vulnerable state or rebuilding, we need stability and identity. Not to mention Tyrik still has some growing up to do. When we stop spending money bailing him out of jail on the weekends, I think he deserves more consideration. Until then its Newton all the way.

As for the defense, ugh... Its hard to watch at times. I couldn't bare to watch teams I despise shove a dose of our own running-attack-medicine down our throats. I was also pleased to see the AU recruiting staff pick up some pieces to that puzzle this year. Lets just try to stay healthy this year and raise these freshmen. We'll count it as a mulligan I guess. Oh and I'm not sure if anyone has heard, Aairon Savage will be back! I know he's been a tiger for what 5 years now? Actually 6. The NCAA granted him another year due to the fact that he tore his achilles tendon before the season even started. So congratulations Aairon and I hope you and Demond Washington can tear it up good.


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Posted on: June 24, 2010 6:23 pm

Post I - Spring 2010

Hello there and welcome! I am very sorry that it took so long for me to respond, as I mentioned the offseason is just that, off...

I think I can answer all of these questions to the satisfaction of anyone interested in SEC football. First, the teams are Arkansas and Alabama. I will explain them separately.

Arkansas is a good opponent usually played early in our schedules. Typically even the first SEC west opponent scheduled (I think that they are tied with Miss. St. as the team with the most first SEC west appearances in AU's schedule). Many of those years Arkansas was ranked at some point as well as Auburn, and generally the Razorbacks are very prepared for the game. I beleive there are years where Auburn is looking ahead at some of the better ranked opponents that will soon be upon them and it really comes back to bite them. I think the same for the Razorbacks. There are years where there seem to be much more pressing teams coming up and Auburn comes and surprises them. Generally Auburn and Arkansas are in the same boat. Every other year seems like we get ranked somewhere, maybe even preseason if we are going to have a real good year. While other years we seem a little invisible while jumping up to surprise a few good SEC opponents. It seems just that we should be split. I personally dread that game every year because I know that Arkansas is going to be prepared and sometimes we just aren't. As so, I believe this game to be a toss up every year.

Bama on the other hand has just come out of a mega slump, and found the other extreme. We seem to beat Bama on the years we are actually better than them, and vice versa. It really really hurts me to say it, but Bama has just been the better team these past 2 years, although I really thought we were going to pull it out this last year. It had all the signs of a dramatic upset, and then on one drive my hopes were dashed. This is a game that both teams look forward to all year and we both tend to bring our best. I am only hoping that with Bama's extremely tough schedule that they will be worn down enought that we can squeak one by, because I don't think we will be the better all around team, but Bama plays like 4 or 5 SEC opponents coming off their bye weeks, including AU.

The disparity does not surprise me, for reasons I have already explained. I am quite satisfied with them as an Auburn fan too. My girlfriend is an Texas A&M fan so I get to usually root against Arkansas twice a year, and therefore recognise how good they actually are twice as much as the average joe. As for Alabama I have a pure and harsh hatred for them, but I try not to let it skew my opinions. I beam with pride to see a record of 7-3 over the last ten years.

As for predictions, I don't make any until rosters are set. There are still injuries and disappointments and outstanding freshman to consider and there is just no way to tell. I can tell you Michael Dyer is the #1 high school back in the land, but in College he is yet to prove a thing. One week before week one I will most likely post my predicitions for all the SEC schools. Its just not fair to guess.

I hope I could satisfy someone's thirst for SEC football talk here. I know there were only 3 teams discussed, but I enjoyed writing it. Thanks everyone, I will have a second post with some corrections of the first post and also new AU football news coming shortly.



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Auburn in the West

I come in peace.
Just for fun... here are W-L-T records of Auburn versus two SEC West teams.

Since SEC divisional play began in 1992:  Aub9-___8-1... and soon to be Aub9-___9-1. 
Over the last 10 seasons:  5-5.

Since SEC divisional play began in 1992:  Aub10-___8... and soon to be Aub10-___9.
Over the last 10 seasons:  Aub7-3.
  1. Who are the two unnamed teams above?  By the way, these two common opponents of Auburn have generally played around .500 ball against each other since 1992.
  2. Does it surprise you at the W-L disparity between the two common opponents over the last 10 years?
  3. Do you agree with my upcoming season prognostications? 
I'm hoping for a reply at least as large as your opening piece, seriously.  Really interested.

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