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Auburn Tigers Football Update

Posted on: June 25, 2010 3:41 pm

Already there are some losses to consider for Auburn fans. It seems as though no matter how promising things may look, there will be surprises and disappointments. Everyone last year in the stands at the games were talking about "our future with Rollison." "What this program needs is just a dose of Rollison." "By the time Rollison is a senior we will be unstoppable!!"... Well if we are then it won't be because of Tyrik Rollison! We have lost him to transfer. He has moved back to Texas to be closer to his family and friends. Thats right so what now? Cam Newton. We may not get the full 4 years of playing time out of this guy, but I think we more than made up for our loss. Newton runs a spread offense like its his job. A dominant force in JC winning the national title, and a former Gator selected to follow the Tebow era (released from the team after alegedly stealing a laptop from a student). Cam Newton brings a lot of good experience to the table for a similar skill set. I am behind this quarterback to be the starter. Now we just need to decide what to do with Kodi Burns now that we have a mobile quarterback. Honestly I don't see him on the field other than at wide receiver for the occasional double reverse pass or reverse pass pass or whateve Mahlzan wants come up with...

Also Dante Aycock is leaving the team. This is a loss because of the promise he showed as a young guy, but I don't feel too big of a sting on this one. We will be keeping Mario Fanin, Onterio McCalleb and getting Michael Dyer! And we are going to use backs like this in the spread... Brilliant... (sarcasm). Mike Dyer is a bulldozer with tons of speed. A young LT. McCalleb is quick and hits the corners with a burst, so he fits pretty well in the spread, but Mike would be best coming out of the I or the Ace formations. He's young though, I'm sure he will adapt just fine.

On defense we will still have to wait for the season to start. I'm not sure who will still be injured and who will be healthy and where the new guys will stand. If they just stick to their rehab and eat every meal at Sewell Hall (the athletic dorm), then they should be healthy and ready to go. Oh man, I remember eating at Sewell Hall... Best buffet I've ever eaten at, tender juicy chicken and steaks, with all the greens the south has to offer, and so much muscle milk.. it was basically on tap. Anyways, if they just stick to their protocols we should be healthy.

As far as the offensive line goes, there is tragedy that supercedes football. Shon Coleman, 5-star OT from Mississippi freshman recruit has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Auburn fans have been given an opportunity to stand beside our new tiger brother and support him as a family. Shon, you gained a big support system here and I know that many Tigers across the nation send their thoughts and prayers. God Bless and get better. I am a Leukemia survivor as well. Acute Lyphoblastic Leukemia. I know you're going to be with me in the group of survivors.

The rest of the line is looking the same as they did last year. We actually are going to lose very few offensive linemen. They mostly just gained a year of experience. Names like Pugh, Ziemba, Berry, and Isom will still be trying to hold down the fort. If no underclassmen step up and make the position theirs then we may be in for more of the same. I hope Cam Newton can take a hit. Getting these guys ready needs to be a big concern of the coaches.

Zac Etheridge is still working on recovering. It's such a miracle that he even walks, I can't imagine how amazing he would be if he actually suited up again. It may not happen but I'm not giving up hope. Maybe, just maybe, not this year but next year I hope we see him again. He's been kept on the team and is listed as injured.

Wes Byrom will remain at the helm in special teams, and looks to be one of the best legs in the SEC. We are always thankful for a good kicker. It can make all the difference.

WDE everyone,

more to come


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