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Steelers Cap Issue

Posted on: July 21, 2011 1:10 pm
The Steelers have been reported to be about $10.51 Million over the new $120 million salary cap.  Now as a long time Steeler fan I have all confidence in their front office.  Here is some of the considerations that I feel would benefit.

Starting point = $130.51

1.  LaMarr Woodley - As of this moment Woodley is holding the franchise tag.  That puts him at $10 million next year.  Get a long term deal done.  Get this year down to around $2 million this year with the rest back loaded and guaranty. 

Now = $122.51

2.  Flozell Adams - Scheduled to make $5 million next year.  Reconstruct his deal down to around $2 million.  If he doesn't want that then cut him.

Now = $120.51

3.  Bryant McFadden - 2011 salary = $2.6 milion.  He was unable to contribute to the horrible DBs.  Free up the space to allow the 2 drafted CB.

Now = $118.0

4. Limas Sweed - about $1 million.  I was a fan when we drafted him, but hasn't done anything but drop balls and sit on the bench.  CUT

Now = $117

5.  Aaron Smith - $6.6 million.  Reconstruct contract.  Somewhere around $5 million.  He loves playing for the Steelers and is a team player.  He would take this deal.

Now = $115.4

6.  Antwaan Randle El -  $2.3 million.  Release him.  Ward, Wallace, Sanders, Brown. Grisham should be the 5 left.  Any more then 5 is unnessary.

Now = $113.1

7.  Arnaz Battle - $1.3 million.  Release for the same reason as Randle El.

Now = $111.8

This opens $8.2 million to spend on free agent and the rookies.  This still isn't enough room.  The rookies will take up about half of this.  Leaving $4.1 million for this year to sign some free agents.  They also seem to have a $3 million over draft this year too.  Add that to the $4.1 and you have $7.1 Million.

Free Agents still need to sign

Ike Talyor - Let him go.

Willie Colon - around $3 million (if Adams is released which opens another $2 million)

Now = $6.1 left

Trai Essex = just under $1million

Now = $5.1 Left

Nick Eason = about $1 million

Now = $4.1 million

Sign Free Agents

Chris Carr = $2 Million with 3 year deal back loaded

Richard Marshall = $1.5 million with a 4 year deal back loaded.

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