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Revis can hold out - he's done it before

Posted on: June 20, 2010 10:28 am
Edited on: June 20, 2010 10:31 am
Don’t think Jets CB Darrelle Revis – who has become the biggest offseason story of a player wanting a new contract (and, by all accounts, deserving it) – won’t hold out if he doesn’t receive his new eal.

As Gary Myers points out in the New York Daily News , Revis held out for 21 days before his rookie season when barely anybody knew who he was. And his absence worked, because he eventually signed a six-year, $36 million contract where he makes huge money on the back end if he decides to void the final two years and the Jets have to buy them back.

He’s supposed to make $1 million this year and then $20 million in the final two years of his deal (if he voids the contract).

In 2007, he was an unknown quality. Now, he’s one of the top-two cornerbacks in the league, and he feels he deserves to be paid like one – especially with Oakland’s Nnamdi Asomghua making $45 million over three years.

The big issue, of course, is guaranteed money. Revis has no guarantees until next season, and he wants some. Is it, in fact, worth it for Revis to play for such a paltry sum of $1 million (it feels ridiculous writing those words, by the way) and risk injury? But as Myers writes, there’s another way for Revis to make gobs of money without receiving a new deal:

If Revis takes the risk and plays for the $1 million this season, he could make up to $86 million guaranteed from 2011-2015 without ever signing a long-term deal. He would get $5 million in '11, $15 million in '12, then the Jets could franchise him for up to three straight years with a 20% raise each year. That would get him about $66 million from 2013-15.

The Jets are convinced they are going to the Super Bowl. They've told Revis they want him to be their Derek Jeter. But unless there's a resolution in the next six weeks, don't look for Revis in Cortland.

As numerous reports have mentioned, the Jets could bump Revis’ salary to $10 million this season, and then with about $20 million already guaranteed for the final two years of his contract, that might be enough to sway him to show up for training camp. As Myers writes, New York wouldn’t receive any more years for him, but the Jets would have a much better chance at a Super Bowl with him in uniform.

--Josh Katzowitz

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Revis can hold out - he's done it before

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Revis can hold out - he's done it before

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