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Chris Johnson's holdout could end soon

Posted on: July 6, 2010 8:57 am
Edited on: July 6, 2010 9:00 am
An NFL Network blog says, “The animosity between RB Chris Johnson and the Titans is beginning to thaw. (Mike) Lombardi believes a long-term deal will be done by the time training camp starts later this month.”C.Johnson (US Presswire)

Johnson has been staging a very public holdout this offseason, protesting his $550,000 base salary for 2010. Johnson denied being seen working out at the Titan Baptist Sports Park facilities last week, though Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean says sources confirmed Johnson’s presence. (Most members of the Titans organization were on vacation at the time.)

--Andy Benoit

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Chris Johnson's holdout could end soon

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Chris Johnson's holdout could end soon

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Posted on: July 7, 2010 4:25 pm

Chris Johnson's holdout could end soon

The teams and management can cut them thus negating their salary - so yes, they can take a significant pay cut if they don't preform, get hurt, or management chooses to cut them for whatever other reason they choose.

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Posted on: July 7, 2010 4:00 pm

Chris Johnson's holdout could end soon

i'm not big on hold outs, but this is more than just another spoiled player.  johnson is the only reason anyone even mentions the titans.  If an under achieving player can be forced to take a pay cut or be cut, then it totally fair for the best running back in the league to demand more money, especially when he's making less than most guys on his team.

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Posted on: July 7, 2010 3:41 pm

Chris Johnson's holdout could end soon

Chris Johnson deserves every penny coming his way!  He has performed better than anyone outside of ECU would have ever imagined.  He led the league in rushing by 500 yards (rediculous).  He was supposed to make $550,000 this year.  Why does he have to sit out for the Titans to even consider paying him more?  That is crazy!  If the Titans were smart they would have come to him offering him more before it was even brought up.  That is how you keep a superstar happy.  Anyone who has followed CJ through college and into his pro career knows that he will not have any decline after payment.  He is a true work-a-holic, who only wants to be the best and even though he is the best, he only wants to work harder.  What team doesn't want that from their best player?  In a league of getting the money and stopping the work ethic, this guy deserves his shot to be paid at least as much as Steven Jackson, or Jones-Drew.  CJ is the real deal and will be for the next few years!  Titans, pay this man!

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Posted on: July 7, 2010 2:07 pm

Chris Johnson's holdout could end soon

It makes me want to throw up every time I hear of a spolied football player holder out over a contract that he has already signed. If he was so stupid to sign, them be a man and live with it until its ante up time again. It is called integrity.

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Posted on: July 7, 2010 1:40 pm

Chris Johnson's holdout could end soon

The Titans should be willing to rework his contract.  While playing RB, even a great player may have 8-9 years in them until they turn 30.  Look at Shaun Alexander.....he had his contract and played it out, I think he was franchised once or twice and they didn't want to do a long-term deal.....finally they did while he was approaching 30 and then never lived up to his money because he was already spent.  They may as well lock him down to a contract that's fair for one of the best RBs in the league and pays him properly through his best years. 

Players DO need to take pay cuts and it happens ever year.  Teams will release players or tell them they need their contract reworked all the time.  The signing bonus is all that is guaranteed. 

I'm jealous too, I wish I could sign a contract for $40 million up-front but it'll never happen for me.  :)  As long as the market makes that kind of money feasible though, the producers should be getting paid. 

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Posted on: July 7, 2010 1:29 pm

Chris Johnson's holdout could end soon

True, but that doesn't answer the question. They don't take pay cuts before the contract is up. Why should he get a raise before it is up?

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Posted on: July 7, 2010 12:58 pm

Chris Johnson's holdout could end soon

Well TideFanatic, if he was a poor player he would have been cut no matter how many years he had on his contract.... The guarenteed money are bonuses in the contract since the NFL(otherthan in rare cases) does not guarantee their contracts...

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