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5 Questions (or more) with Josh McDaniels, Part 1

Posted on: July 23, 2010 9:22 am
Edited on: July 23, 2010 12:18 pm
T. Tebow (US Presswire) Josh McDaniels' first season and a half as head coach of the Denver Broncos has been one of the more spectacularly bloggable things in recent NFL history: whether it's trading his biggest name stars, or starting 6-0, or beating his old boss, or confidence, or drafting Tim Tebow in the first round ... the list goes on and on.

Fortunately, we were able to speak with McDaniels about all of these things in a recent interview, thanks to the kind folks at Gatorade, the NFL,  and a group of charitable foundations who are partnering in the "Beat the Heat" program, dedicated to raising hydration awareness during training camp.

Read Part Two of our interview with Josh McDaniels here .

CBS Sports : Wanna ask you first -- you're working with Gatorade and the NFL on the Beat the Heat program. How big a factor is hydration awareness in your training camp preparation?

Josh McDaniels : Well, it's huge for us, and you're right -- the NFL and the Broncos have partnered with Gatorade on the Beat the Heat program. We certainly understand the importance of hydration and refueling our athletes in the summer months and really, that's the entire purpose of the program, to really focus on how to prevent heat-related illnesses and fight them. It requires us to constantly remind our athletes to hydrate before, during and after all their activities that we put them through in training camp.

And we have Gatorade all over the building -- in the cafeteria, in our locker rooms, in our meeting rooms, they have it at the hotel they stay in during training camp and we encourage them to drink as much as possible. And for any athlete or parent that wants to learn more about what we're doing with Gatorade, they can go to and for every download [of the awareness packet] Gatorade will donate $1 to fight heat-related illnesses.

CBS : Well, it's a fantastic program -- raises awareness and reminds us that football's on the way ... Speaking of which, you shipped Brandon Marshall to South Beach in the offseason and then drafted Demaryius Thomas in the first round. Can he step up and replace Brandon as a No. 1 option for you?

JMcD : Well, we certainly aren't going to necessarily place that burden on one player as we go into this training camp in 2010. Brandon's certainly a special player and he'll do good things for the Dolphins. But we have a pretty diverse group of receivers: DeMaryius certainly is going to add speed, length and size to that group and we're really excited about his future here in Denver.

We've also got some football players that were productive for us that are coming back: [Jabar] Gaffney , [Brandon] Stokley , [Eddie] Royal ... Brandon Lloyd had a great spring, Kenny McKinley is a kid that's up and coming, Matt Willis and certainly Eric Decker who we drafted in the third round too. We've got four or five players now who are over six feet tall, we're probably bigger than any wide receiver corps that I've ever been a part of in the NFL, and we're excited about some of the things we're gonna try to do with those big players.

DeMaryius ... we're gonna coach him hard and give him the opportunity to learn our system and be productive in it, but we've got some players -- along with him, that he'll be competing with -- that we feel also can be productive and hopefully there's a bunch of them that'll make plays for us this year.

CBS: One more thing on DeMaryius -- he played in Paul Johnson's system at Georgia Tech ... is him adjusting, especially in terms of route-running, because it's more simplistic there, is him adjusting to your system a big concern?

JMcD: It's certainly something that's gonna take some time for him to adjust to some of the things that we'll ask him to do. But he's a big receiver, and I think anyone would be lying to you if they said big receivers had a route tree that consists of 25 routes. We're not gonna try to do things that don't make sense to do with our bigger receivers and we certainly have some smaller receivers that aren't going to do some of the things that he can do. So, we're gonna try and put him in a position where he can use his strengths to help us, and we're certainly not going to shy away to try and work with him on improving his route-running in different areas, but, you know, we feel like he can be a productive player for us and we'll constantly try and improve every area of his game.

CBS: Alright, last season was a rollercoaster in terms of the way you guys started ... it was the story of the NFL and then obviously a disappointing finish. How do you manage expectations coming into 2010?

JMcD: Well, we're just focused on ourselves. We know we've got a lot of practice ahead of us before we enter into the regular season. And we're gonna try and take our football team as far as we can in the month of August and the beginning part of September before we start at Jacksonville. We can't really worry about the past and we can't focus too far into the future -- we're gonna try and take it day-to-day and we feel like we've put a solid nucleus of players in the locker room that will lead us this season and into the future and we're really excited about our opportunity to improve in areas we struggled in last year and we feel like we made some key additions both through free agency and the draft, and we're excited to see how it all unfolds this year.

(Stay tuned for Part Two of our interview with Josh McDaniels later today)

-- Will Brinson

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5 Questions (or more) with Josh McDaniels, Part 1

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5 Questions (or more) with Josh McDaniels, Part 1

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5 Questions (or more) with Josh McDaniels, Part 1

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5 Questions (or more) with Josh McDaniels, Part 1

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Posted on: July 26, 2010 6:39 pm

5 Questions (or more) with Josh McDaniels, Part 1

PPDublinski,  I am glad you know what "crow" tastes like so you will not be shocked by the taste as you are eating the first of a dozen cooked especially for you.

I think the only thing you were right about is that Jay Cutler is not a winner.

It will not be all bad news though because the Broncos should have some high draft picks again next year.  Maybe Josh McDaniels can draft a linebacker that can not tackle to go with your quarterback who can not pass.

Since: Oct 5, 2006
Posted on: July 26, 2010 11:39 am

5 Questions (or more) with Josh McDaniels, Part 1

Take the Bronco blinders off.  Denver has as much a chance of making the playoffs this year as the kansas City Chiefs.  Thats the same thing as saying they don't have a snowballs chance in hell.

Nobody takes anything you say seriously because your post is so biased there couldn't possibly be anything credible in it.  Its clear you have zero knowledge of any team outside of the Broncos. 

Since: Aug 24, 2007
Posted on: July 26, 2010 11:34 am

5 Questions (or more) with Josh McDaniels, Part 1

I really can't wait to see how they will get Tebow in on 3rd down and goal line situations on anything but the 4th quarter.  Seems like more people are forgetting the rule where your 3rd string qb can only play and come back out again in the 4th quarter.  If he did it in quarters 1-3, the 3rd teamer would be the only eligible qb for the remainder of the game.  And then of course we have the money.  Of which Tebow will be making more of it than the other qbs on the depth chart.  So the Broncos are going to pay Tebow something in the way of 2-3 million a year(or more) to be a special teamer/3rd down qb?  That is only eligible to play in the 4th quarter?  And thereby create a firestorm of controversy and sap his starter's confidence?  How praytell then will this fix the real issue with this team from last year, and stop opponents from running roughshod over the defense like AFC west powerhouses KC and Oakland did last year?  By extending Elvis Dumervill's contract, and paying him gobs of money to rush himself out of position every running play? 

Personally though, I think you're a troll.  With your rep at 6, and you spouting about youtube videos? Troll. I wont even watch it, as this post is probably just a ploy to get hits for it.  Troll.
Getting rid of your best player, and then bringing in some role players, old guys and spending 3 draft picks to draft a pretty big question mark at qb are what I call gambling.  And I have a front row seat, my popcorn at the ready, to watch this debacle unfold.  People are wondering if the Broncos will look like the team that went 6-2 over the first part of the season, or the team that went 2-6 over the last part.  Not bringing in a stout NT to plug the middle so the defense can actually function correctly was a mistake.  The defense was the problem, not the offense.  Spending a 1st, second and third rounder to draft Tebow was a bigger one.  And basicaly creating a qb controversy by design is never the smart play.  Drafting a receiver from a triple option offense in the 1st round?  Is he gonna start running the trip op now?

The only crow that will be eaten this season will be the crow the people that drank the Kool-aid have in front of them, McDaniels supporters.

Since: Jul 5, 2010
Posted on: July 25, 2010 12:39 pm

5 Questions (or more) with Josh McDaniels, Part 1

You're a true fan but I give you cred for making some good points. You're not gonna make the playoffs though.

Since: Jan 26, 2010
Posted on: July 24, 2010 10:02 pm

5 Questions (or more) with Josh McDaniels, Part 1

Josh McDaniels is a genius and I believe he is the reincarnation of the great Sun Tzu. I heralded his career as coach of the Denver Broncos from day one, I knew he had the mark of a winner and would put his foot down on the spoiled Shanahan era Broncos. Practicing without pads? Drafting players of highly questionable character? That's all behind us now. Just take a gander at my awe inspiring youtube video, that's right dated March 5 2009, right about when you had all kinds of sea cucumbers saying this McDaniels was a horrible choice and should be fired. He got rid of that pretender Jay "Huckdort" Cutler, shipped him right out of here--McDaniels knew he wasn't a winner, knew he didn't protect the ball.

I took one look at Mrs. McDaniels and knew McDaniels was a winner. He's gonna lead this team to greatness. And for the last time this Tebow won't make or break McDaniels career. Doesn't matter if Tebow doesn't pan out as a starting qurterback as long as we're winning. This year it's truly McDaniels team--all the goobers like Cutler, Marshall and Scheffler got kicked to the curb. Bunch of me-first prima donnas leftover from the Shanahan era. You had people lamenting the loss of Jay Hucks the Ball then Dort He Gets Picked Off Cutler and this rap sheet a mile long Brandon Marshall--not me. I said get rid of them, even during the 2008 season. Oh sure they put up all kinds of stats but they never won nothin'

You people out there discounting this Broncos team will be eating crow, you ever eat a crow, eh? They taste like snakes. All you people and your ridiculous power rankings putting the Broncos down 24th and what not, you people will eat crow. This team will be improved, Orton will be more comfortable his second year in and we will spread the ball around to a bunch of hard working wide receivers instead of forcing the ball to a head case on practically every down. Oh that Marshall breaking the record in that Colts game was great wasn't it? Oh yeah that was great except we lost--which is all that mattered. Our running game will be improved our defense will be improved and this team should be in the playoffs this year.

On top of all that, Tebow will be running in special packages. Yes, Kyle Orton is about as unathletic as a one legged goat out there, but he's the best passer we have and this Tebow will make up for his lack of agility on 3rd downs.

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