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The Bears' backup QB situation is getting awkward

Posted on: August 17, 2010 4:25 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Currently the Chicago Bears have Jay Cutler (the starter), Caleb Hanie (the injured backup) and Dan LeFevour (the 12-year* college vet turned NFL rook) as quarterbacks on their roster.

With Hanie's injury and Lefevour throwing picks at a rate that makes Cutler look like Sammy Baugh, Mike Martz and Lovie Smith have been very interested in bringing in a solid veteran backup to ensure that if Cutler gets hurt their entire season isn't sunk.

So, Martz asked his (literally) old pal Trent Green if he'd be interested in joining the Bears' roster. He said no . Twice .

Next up? Damon Huard who has no interest in the job and would prefer to remain retired .

How about you, Todd Collins? Nope. He's not interested either .

So where will the Bears turn next? Jeff Garcia would be my guess if only because a) he's old b) he seems interested in playing and c) anyone else they might have on their radar is either deceased or retired.

*Probably not accurate but sure seems that way, no?


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The Bears' backup QB situation is getting awkward

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The Bears' backup QB situation is getting awkward

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The Bears' backup QB situation is getting awkward

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Posted on: August 17, 2010 5:56 pm

The Bears' backup QB situation is getting awkward

Maybe they should have done this by now. Morons. Anyway, I would not want to play quarterback for the Bears, either. Have you seen the O line here in Chicago? Yikes. Lovie Smith (idiot # 1) said before the first preseason game that the starters on offense would get more of an extended look since they are learning a new offense. Cutler took eight snaps. Why, you ask? Because he was hit on two of them. See, Jerry Angelo (our GM and idiot # 2) drafts offensive linemen like they're punters. In other words, he grabs one in the fifth round every few years. Not like offensive line is important or anything. But I digress. Who would want to come here and get killed after this bullsh*t line can't block an old woman with a gimpy leg?

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