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Bills drew few fans in Canada last night

Posted on: August 20, 2010 6:58 pm

Posted by Andy Benoit

Yesterday we highlighted the Canadian lows in the eight-game series between the Buffalo Bills and Toronto’s Rogers Centre. (In short, the Bills are reaping handsome benefits from playing in Toronto, but Rogers Communication is taking a bath due primarily to low attendance).

To follow up, Richard Griffin of the Toronto Sun writes that there were only an estimated 20,000 fans at the Rogers Centre for last night’s Bills-Colts preseason contest. The announced attendance was 39,583, but you know how those announced attendance figures go…
This, obviously, isn’t a good sign. Yes, we’re talking about a preseason game. But we’re also talking about a fan base that doesn’t get to see the Bills very often (or, for that matter, the league’s biggest star, Peyton Manning).

Griffin writes:

With both quarterback starters, Peyton Manning and Trent Edwards taking every first quarter snap, the opening 15 minutes contained enough big-play action to please the most hardened football cynic. The problem is that there was really just one quarter of real excitement out of 60 minutes. The game, even with all those points early, lacked the same buzz of sporting anticipation that the August ’08 game vs. the Steelers boasted. Expectations have disappeared that this series will ever catch on.

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Bills drew few fans in Canada last night

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Bills drew few fans in Canada last night

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Bills drew few fans in Canada last night

Hey Andy, Richard Griffin works for the Toronto Star, not the Sun.  Beyond that, his point is valid.  Due to NFL rules, teams have to charge the same amount for preseason tickets as full season.  This lead to the cheapest tickets in the house being $90, to see 15 minutes or less of the starters.  That is an exceptionally tough sell, even with Peyton Manning in town.  Other problems include Toronto City Council refusing to allow the same type of atmosphere you would see in Buffalo (tailgating with open alcohol and barbeque's).  In addition, while Toronto does love the NFL, their team allegiances are spread all over the place.  While Buffalo is probably number 1, its by no means a majority.  There are substantial amounts of Dolphins, Cowboys, Steelers and as seen last night, Colts fans in Southern Ontario.  Add that together, and you have a recipe for disaster for Rogers.  However, having been to all 4 games in Toronto so far, the first 15 minutes of this game were by far the best quarter of football we've seen yet.

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