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Reebok never had a deal with Brandon Spikes

Posted on: September 2, 2010 12:25 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Poor Brandon Spikes. News surrounding his "sex tape" just won't go away.

First he had to admit it was actually him (although it was in college, which makes it more understandable, maybe?), then there was the (now fake) news that Reebok yanked away a potential endorsement deal as a result , and now it turns out that, via Darren Rovell, there never was a deal . Rovell tweets that "there never was a $ deal w/ Brandon Spikes."

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald has more information, including an email response to him from Reebok spokesman Daniel Sarro.

“The media reports that Reebok has terminated an endorsement contract with Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes are completely false,” Sarro wrote to Rapoport. “Reebok never had a deal with Brandon. The story was reported without confirmation from Reebok, and as a result inaccurate information is now being reported as fact. We had discussions with Brandon earlier this summer, as we do with many NFL players, but no agreement has been reached and he is not currently under contract with Reebok.”

So, yeah, that's unfortunate for everyone involved -- particularly Reebok, since they had to go through the whole process of denying the issue, and Spikes, since it means another day where people are continuing to talk about a pretty embarrassing moment of his.

Rapoport does make a good point, though -- all along it was called a "potential deal." And Reebok isn't denying that, just that there was never actually a deal in place. Either way, it doesn't seem like they'll be doing business together, which is kind of a shame, considering they are the company that ran with ads featuring Chuck Liddell and Chad Ochocinco exercising naked.

Just seems like too much readily available synergy not to take advantage of on their part.

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Reebok never had a deal with Brandon Spikes

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Reebok never had a deal with Brandon Spikes

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Reebok never had a deal with Brandon Spikes

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