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Moss, Belichick had sit-down to discuss comments

Posted on: September 13, 2010 5:48 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Randy Moss got a little riled up in front of the entire postgame press corps on Sunday, and his comments made many wonder what the hell he was thinking. One of those, obviously, was Bill Belichick.

Who, according to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald , had a little sit-down meeting with the not-so-gruntled wide receiver.

Rapoport reports that Moss told him the discussion between he and Belichick occurred (in fact, it was something he referenced during his tirade) and that Moss simply felt he needed to get his feelings "off his chest" now, rather than later.

Moss also apparently stated that Belichick made the coach's expectations for going forward clear -- while he didn't expound on what Belichick expected, it's pretty reasonable to assume that it involves "trying," "playing hard" and "not pouting because you aren't paid yet."

Apparently, the two are all good now, although Belichick wouldn't acknowledge the meeting.

"I keep the conversations that I have between the players and myself private," Belichick said. "And that’s the way it should stay."

So it would at least seem like there won't be a bigger issue made out of Moss' contract situation for the remainder of the regular season. Although given his apparently non-existent understanding of timing and nuance, that's no guarantee.

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Moss, Belichick had sit-down to discuss comments

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Moss, Belichick had sit-down to discuss comments

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 11:54 am

Moss, Belichick had sit-down to discuss comments

Thank you for pretty much any obvious dazzling submit. Where other than you would any individual have that kind of delighted on our rather superb option offering?

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 7:54 am

Moss, Belichick had sit-down to discuss comments

Hey, Randy, how's that losing record doing for you in Minnesota or Tennessee or where ever you suit up in the uniform but don't actually commit yourself to play.  Ok so you really haven't had much time to adapt to your new teams, so I'll cut you a little slack, but time is running out since only one team you've been on will make the playoffs and it ain't where you are now.  The New England Patriots are the team of Bill Belichik and Tom Brady so all others need to be on board with what they do.

On that note, welcome back Deion Branch now that the humility that is called the Seattle Seahawks has shown you just how much you really had in New England.

It's been a good decade to be a Patriots fan...too bad I'm a homer for the Redskins...which isn't working out for me so well lately.

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Posted on: September 14, 2010 1:51 pm

Moss, Belichick had sit-down to discuss comments

Belichick: Thanks Randy for distracting the sheeple and media from our awful defense and zero chance of winning a title with a swiss cheese defense and patchwork o-line.

Randy: No problem coach.  You want to hit this?

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Posted on: September 14, 2010 1:04 pm

Moss, Belichick had sit-down to discuss comments

A couple of things to speak on.

First the fact that Randy Moss is 33 years really has nothing to do with why they wont pay him. He isnt asking for Andre Johnson Money. He doesnt have Drew Rosenhaus for an agent, so lets not make this out like what Randy is saying doesnt make sense. It very much does make sense. For once I actually get what he is trying to say. He and like alot of pro athletes and managers are constantly hounded by issues that really are out of their control. He cant control what the Patriots will do in getting a deal done, but he can manipulate and dictate the media, just like the media does to rile up alot of propoganda and contreversey, and for once Moss is trying to calm it all down. He basically is saying. Look, Im sayin this now, cause im not talking about it again. I hope and would like to have a deal sooner than later, but the way the Organization is handling things, it doesnt look like thats gonna happen. Its basically him speaking real talk. And you know what if the Patriots are smart they keep something consistent other than TOM BRADY. While TOM BRADY is the best at what he does, even hell tell you that he would rather throw to someone who knows the system and doesnt have to show and relearn them through everything yr in and yr out cause the Organization keeps taking pieces out and in, and for all their efforts they get to a playoffs.. Not the Super Bowl. The last couple of years have been indicative of the personnel moves that have been made by the PATS which has impacted them later not in the beginning of the seasons, but MOSS, WELKER, and BRADY .. consistent has always kept them in it. Its foolish to suddenly let a guy go at the height of offensive success for a mere 6 million. LOOK at the crop of WR's out there right now in the NFL. You will be hard pressed to find another Randy Moss, while Vincent Jackson has had some good seasons, hes no Randy Moss. He will not post Randy Moss Numbers Year in Year Out, and the frightening part is that Moss puts his mind to it, there is not a better receiver in the game. He has 3 solid years in him and maybe 2 more with how he is used in the system. For the money he should be getting, there is no excuse for why the PATS shouldnt get this deal done, but he knows how the KRAFTs and Bellechick work and its the one thing that pisses him off cause he doesnt bitch and moan about the money, in he 2-3 yrs there he plays. He brings it and u never saw that from Moss with his recent teams. The Kid has grown up and you should give him his due, And he isnt the reason why the PATS didnt get that ring in 2007.. You can thank the DEFENSE that couldnt stop the GIANTS when it counted the most, Another sure indication of why sometimes letting athletes go isnt the best thing during certain runs being made to the Super Bowl. [TRADING RICHARD SEYMOUR] [LOSING WILLIE MCGINNIEST] ...

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Posted on: September 14, 2010 10:44 am

Moss, Belichick had sit-down to discuss comments

Wait ... what do YOU think Belichick said? "Great job out there in the press conference yesterday, Randy!"?Excellent!  Great response.

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Posted on: September 14, 2010 9:46 am

Moss, Belichick had sit-down to discuss comments

Hey guys, this whole thing is blown way out proportion,Randy Moss is trying to get a deal done in New England,he was trying to tell the Boston press, to back off, because of a story written  last week, about him being unhappy in New England, was not accurate, The press up in the New England area just hammers him saying he is lazy, does not try on every play, he is selfesh! but Brady loves him, wants him back next year, Welker says he is a great teammate,the people in the Patriots camp say he works hard,  now the Patriots may not want him back next year at 8 million a year,and he knows this,he says he hopes to be a Patriot,but he will play football somewhere next year,  He is smart he made a lot of points at this press conference and in front of Pats fans, so that the press can't twist it.      

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Posted on: September 14, 2010 9:34 am

Moss, Belichick had sit-down to discuss comments

You know why Randy won't get paid?  First, because he's already making $6.4 million this year; second, he's 33 years old; and most importantly, because it's not Randy Moss that makes the Patriots good; it's Tom Brady.  And the mentality of the Patriots organization for the last decade has been to ship out all those players crying for more money.  They may get the money from another team, but they become a nobody on a non-contender, while Brady continues to throw to whatever WR is on the field all the way to the playoffs.

Please refer to Randy Moss playing for Oakland...nuff said.

Maybe the Patriots don't extend his contract and release him next year.  Then they convince Vincent Jackson he's not worth the money and years he's asking; instead, Jackson agrees to come to New England to actually win a Super Bowl.

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Posted on: September 14, 2010 9:20 am

Moss, Belichick had sit-down to discuss comments

Typiocal New England typical BS from the media Typical Rany Moss. First off good on Moss I like to see a player actually finish a contract for ounce. I hope New England sits on this and Moss heads out hopefully to a team that plays the Patriots.

I hated Moss in Minn (obviously) I could care less about him in Okland. Now in New England he has re-established himself and will get paid my someone.

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