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Moss deal is complete

Posted on: October 6, 2010 8:56 am
Edited on: October 6, 2010 9:23 am
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The Randy Moss trade is done.

First reported about 8:50 a.m. by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Randy Moss trade from New England to Minnesota is official. The Patriots compensation will be the Vikings third-round pick in the 2011 Draft, and Moss will head to Minnesota without a new contract in place.

Much more to come. Come back to the blog early and often for all your Moss-centric info.

UPDATE (9:18 a.m.):
This has been a weird year for Randy Moss – and for the reporters who have to follow the Randy Moss saga.

After making five catches for 59 yards in Week 1 against Cincinnati, Moss walked into his postgame news conference and let loose – a rarity for Moss when he’s dealing with reporters. He said he wanted a new contract, and considering he’s in the final year of his deal, he was disappointed he hadn’t received one yet. He said he was making an issue of it at that point, because he wanted to get it off his chest.

He said he wanted to retire a Patriot, but he also predicted that 2010 would be his last season in New England. After a nice win, Moss’ presser seemed a touch inappropriate.

No matter.

After the NFL world was reminded before New England’s game vs. the Jets in Week 2 that New York CB Darrelle Revis had called Moss a slouch, Moss only had two catches for 38 yards. Of course, one of those receptions was a brilliant one-handed grab that beat Revis for a TD (it’s worth noting that we haven’t seen Revis in a game since).

The weirdness came to a climax Monday when Moss didn’t record a single catch in New England’s Monday Night blowout of the Dolphins – he was targeted just once. After the game, he said his zero-catch night was part of the gameplan. That also seemed odd.

Two days later, Moss is headed back to the team which drafted him 1998 to play with Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin.

Oh, and there’s this: the strangeness will continue Monday night when Moss faces the Jets for the second time in three weeks and will continue on Halloween when Moss and the Vikings travel to … yep, you guessed it … New England.

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Posted on: January 31, 2012 8:28 am

Moss deal is complete

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Moss deal is complete

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Moss deal is complete

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Posted on: October 8, 2010 8:21 am

Moss deal is complete

Not sure who but back there some asked me to explain my animosity for the patriots organization and that colt fans should have more of a complaint.  If you look at the AFC championship game in 2001 & 2005 (both years with patriot spygate cheating and no-name receivers) the steelers were right there.. odds on favorites to go all the way.  Insert the patriots and their video tapes and god knows what else.. no SB both years.  You've asked why.. there you go.  Rather simple.. your team cheated all year long those two years while my team got to their position honestly and could of won it all.  We'll never know because the rightful game was deprived from all NFL fans.  Before that as well.. who knows if the teams the patriots played would of moved on?  It's all tainted... and how you guys can come on here and talk about how the patriots won it with no-names and they'll do it again kind of garbage makes me say.. well THIS time.. unless Belicheat can find some other way to rip NFL fans off by putting a fraudulent team on the field.. those no-names won't do freaking squat.   Yet maybe he does have a way to cheat the system again.. trading away the old vets on D and becoming barely adequate there on a bunch of no-name young players... now the same on offense?

My animosity is somewhat lessened with the fact that since the patriots have been exposed as the biggest cheating frauds in NFL history.. they've been embarassed in their only SB appearence and got to watch as the team who rightfully could of had those 2 tainted SB's won 2 others while they'v done.. freaking sqaut.   

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Posted on: October 7, 2010 9:08 pm

Moss deal is complete

 Sumatuma please Brady wont put up then numbers now. Moss wasnt part of gameplan=Bull he got double teamed thats why ha was only thrown to twice.

Since: Sep 25, 2006
Posted on: October 6, 2010 12:18 pm

Moss deal is complete

Not so sure about that.  He obviously draws coverage away form everyone else.  Brady will still move the ball but I still dont see how they are evern clsoe to as dangerous now as they were before the trade.

Since: Sep 28, 2006
Posted on: October 6, 2010 12:12 pm

Moss deal is complete

Patriots just got Vincent Jackson and a bottle of aspirin from San Diego, for the Vikings 3rd round pick and a whiner to be named later, heheheh!

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Posted on: October 6, 2010 11:25 am

Moss deal is complete

Remember that offense was not the big part of why the Patriots won, Chad Henne's three INTs, a kick return for a TD, and superior special teams play won that game, the Patriots offense was out-gained throughout the entire game, and Randy Moss, regardless of how many receptions he had, he still demanded extra attention from the defense because he is still the best deep-threat receiver in the game, once he gets past a corner he is gone, no receiver has deep speed like him, everywhere he has gone with a competent QB he has done extremely well.

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Posted on: October 6, 2010 11:11 am

Moss deal is complete

dtatch also proved that blue-collar steeler fans are quick in jumping to conclusions and have below average reasoning skills. they cannot differentiate a direct correlation from circumstantial cause. they probably also believe the college girl was asking for it because no woman would turn down ben rapelisberger, because excessive hair and obesity are the defining qualities of a steel working man.

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Posted on: October 6, 2010 10:55 am

Moss deal is complete

Here are some thoughts from a Pats fan:
I think Moss is still a top 5 receiver in this league right now, but he is showing signs of decline.  He's not nearly as fast as he was even last year, and he isn't really being physical with DB anymore.  He commands respect/double teams on reputation, but I can't remember the last time I saw him make a catch and say "That was something only Randy Moss could do".  (And I'm not counting that one-hander at NYJ, that wasn't necessary, that was just him being him).
I find it hard to believe it was about the impending extension, the Pats' mode of thinking in these cases has been to either let them play out the contract (Samuel) or trade them when they can get top value (Seymour).  This makes me believe something else was going on, since a third-rounder seems a little on the light side, especially from a trade partner as desparate as Minny for a WR.  Perhaps character issues?  I really don't know.  Going into the bye week WOULD be the time to do such a trade though to get your pieces aligned for the rest of the year.
I feel that the season rested on the defense, not the offense.  Yes, losing Moss is a blow, but the new TE and Tate have proven they can be at least almost, if not just as effective targets for Brady (Hernandez is a BEAST).  I get the concerns about spreading the D, but I don't think it's the end of the world as people are thinking.  Don't pretend as though this will be the difference between the Superbowl and not, the D has proven to be a nightmare, and unless they were planning on making a miraculous transformation in the next few weeks, we were in trouble.  Overall, I'm sad that he's gone, and I wish him the best.  I think the team is not as good without him, but people are overreacting to just how big of a blow it will be.  I think Minny is certainly better with him for this year, but I remind them that your QB is still a grandfather (literally) with ankle problems and a line that couldn't blow more if a prostitute got her hands on it, so hang on to those parade celebrations at least for a bit.  I think a first/second rounder would've been nice, but a 3rd rounder is still reasonable, and like I said, something else must have been up.

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