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Hot Routes: Could Devin Hester play quarterback?

Posted on: October 8, 2010 10:31 am

Posted by Will Brinson 

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  • Todd Collins is starting and Caleb Hanie is the backup for the Bears on Sunday, but they also have a super-secret "emergency" plan, and will list someone as a third quarterback in the event that both those guys are sucked into the concussion vacuum that is the Bears' offensive line. "I'll just say without going into that and giving away too much more about our game plan, we have a guy in mind, maybe a couple of guys in mind, if we get down to No. 3," Lovie Smith said. So who is it, you wonder?  Apparently either Devin Hester or Matt Forte, which is actually way scarier than Collins or Hanie -- either/or would play the wildcat the entire game
  • Could Aaron Hernandez lead the Pats in the receiving the rest of the way? Sure -- Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston notes that only 36 percent of the Patriots snaps this season have been in "pure three- or four-receiver packages," whereas they ran nearly 56 percent in those sets last year. In other words, the team was moving towards utilizing their young tight ends even before trading Moss.
  • What one word would you use to describe Danny Amendola? (Note: please don't say "Welker.") Because the rest of the Rams would say stuff like "fiesty," "electric," "quick," "tenacious," and "energetic." David Eckstein is a huge fan, duh.
  • It's 2010 and athletes announce stuff on Twitter, so it should be no surprise that Chad Hall dropped his promotion off the Eagles practice squad vis-a-vis social media.

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Hot Routes: Could Devin Hester play quarterback?

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Hot Routes: Could Devin Hester play quarterback?

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Hot Routes: Could Devin Hester play quarterback?

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Hot Routes: Could Devin Hester play quarterback?

I think that would actually work pretty well.  Hester can throw pretty well.  But playing the wildcat would bring more positive yards than negative anyway.  Wouldn't suprise me if we see it near the end of the game just to stir things up abit and see if its an actual threatening option for Da Bears.   I can't believe its come to this in just a week's time.  I still think the bears will win this game.  But who woulda thought after starting 3-0 with high expectations going into the Giants game that all of a sudden we dont have our gunslinger at QB, we might go 3-2 in a blink of an eye and our punt returner or running back might be playing quarterback lol.  Gotta love football. 

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