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NFL posts their safety memo video online

Posted on: October 21, 2010 6:44 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

The NFL put its players "on notice" yesterday, issuing a league-wide memo (it was also distributed to the media, for what it's worth) that instructed everyone involved as to how the league would dole out punishment for illegal hits.

There was also an instructional video, narrated by Ray Anderson, given to the teams. Now the NFL has published that video online, although, oddly, they declined to embed it (even though this is typical NFL policy -- you can watch the video here if you want).

Some highlights of the video include:
  • Ray Anderson's quote: "If a player misses his aiming point, he will nevertheless be responsible for what he hits."
  • Ray Lewis' MONSTER hit on Dustin Keller during the first week of the season is "proper technique." (This is fantastic not because it's not proper, but because Ray-Ray devastated him. It just happened to be legal.)
  • The fact that Meriweather's hit on Heap was shown about five times.
  • A how-to on clean hits (see the Ray Lewis shot), which does feature some of this season's most devastating "YOU GOT JACKED UP" moments, were "YOU GOT JACKED UP" not shut down because it's the type of thing that causes this sort of overreaction by fostering fan love for gigantic hits.
The essential premise of the video is that the NFL is bringing the thunder on anyone who hits another person's "head or neck area" and leads with their forearm, shoulder or head. Additionally, it's the defender's responsibility to make sure that contact doesn't happen, even if it's unintentional, and if it does, punishment will be doled. 

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NFL posts their safety memo video online

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NFL posts their safety memo video online

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NFL posts their safety memo video online

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