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NFL Soundoff Week 8: Blaming Favre

Posted on: October 30, 2010 11:32 am
Edited on: October 30, 2010 11:33 am

Posted by Andy Benoit

Turns out, people like 1-10 scales for more than just telling a doctor how much pain they’re in or telling a friend how attractive someone is.

This week we asked our Twitter and Facebook followers: On a 1-10 scale, how much blame does Brett Favre deserve for the Minnesota Vikings' struggles this season (1 = none, 5 = same as any other teammate, 10 = all the blame)?

The responses were numerous and all over the board. The average score given to Favre: 6.73. The median (most frequent score): 10. Plenty of people felt it was necessary to mention Brad Childress (he received mostly 10’s).

Here are some of the best responses we received:


Carlos Gonzalez Holier than thou Brett is 6 and Childress is the rest. They would have won a couple of games if he would have made it to training camp to build some chemistry with his receivers. Especially when he knew his guy (Rice) wasn't going to be there.
Michael Schmidt It an 8. Same amount of responsibilty he has in the Packers not having 2 to 3 more ring or the vikes having one last year. When it counts and he is under preasure he folds like a cheap tent. As a packer fan all my life let me tell you that the san fran game from last year are the exception and the playoff picks (02 Rams 6ints, overtime int to Eagles 04, nfc championship 07 and 09) is the norm. I take it that 8 back, its a 10 no matter what madden and collinsworth say, bretts wonderlick says it all..DUMB!

Jason Krugler Favre and the offense are putting up points! The defense needs to step it up a notch! Is Jared Allen even on the team this year? you have to have some defense to with that offense.

Joseph Ryan Why does everyone hate Brett? We're all witnessing history every time he decides to suit up! I'd say all things considered, he's about 3..

Michelle Foote ‎4 - One (for) every inch of his manhood that was (allegedly) "sexted" to the reporter ;-D

Elizabeth Denorfia I am going to say 3. The Vikings just need to regroup and focus on the game and not what is going on around them To Paraphrase a Miller Huggins quote...“ quarterback is the carburetor, the lead dog, the pulse taker, the traffic cop and sometimes a lot of unprintable things, but no team gets very far without one.”

Scarekrowe Karratti ‎1 and I'll say why.. Minn should have known better. Why keep someone on that you know has a past of drama and whatnot. That being said... Brett has had issues of injuries and no-shows in the past. GO BACK HOME!

Troy Toth  8 - it's not his fault they have no pass rush this season (where are you Jared Allen) but nobody makes enough great throws to overcome all the bad throws he makes these days. Here's an idea, make the occasional great throw and take care of...Joseph Torres FOR ONCE , I WILL GIVE HIM A 10! THAT DUMB ASS SHOULD HAVE HUNG IT UP WHILE COULD HAVE WITH PRIDE...NOW' HE'S JUST PROVING TO EVERYONE THAT HE'S TAKEN TOO MANY HEAD SHOTS...GIVE IT UP OLD MAN!!

Joe Rule That team could easily be 5 and 1! Real easy to see the mistakes by Favre! Dropped passes and other turnovers has nothing to do with it right?! blame it all on favre! What about all the dropped balls on d-fense as well!

(Andy’s note: Joe Rule? Wasn’t that the name of a rapper? Or wait, I might be thinking of Ja…yeah, that’s right, Ja Rule. My bad.)

Dan McGowan He is #4! They wanted him now deal with it! Is it Brett's fault Rice waited to fix his hip? Is it Brett's fault the defense. Is not playing at the same level or the O line? Sacks, rushed passes and constantly playing from behind are mostly at fault. And as far as anything he does off the field...I could care less! That's between him and his wife.

Zach Jost I'm a viking fan and a Favre fan, but dude needs to get his stuff together. So I am giving him a 6.75

(Andy’s note: We include this only because Zach was the only person to bust out decimals to make his rating. That’s kind of annoying, except Zach’s rating just happened to be only .02 off from the average of everyone else’s rating. Cool coincidence.)


@SevenOneDeu  9. He's a QB so by default he gets more than just another guy. He has also played poorly and caused off field distractions.

@efonsecajr  Favre-8, Childress-2

@Tkleckner  8 No one deserves all the blame, but he sure looks his age. Not showing up for camp really hurt the team.

We’ll have another NFL Sound Off next week. If you have any topic suggestions for it, hit us up on Twitter @CBSSportsNFL.


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NFL Soundoff Week 8: Blaming Favre

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NFL Soundoff Week 8: Blaming Favre

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NFL Soundoff Week 8: Blaming Favre

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