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Vikes ownership cheesed at Chilly over Moss?

Posted on: November 3, 2010 9:25 am
Posted by Will Brinson

Anyone who's ever had a job knows that 99 percent of the time, there someone to answer to -- a "boss" if you will. And if you do things like, say, fire other employees, without making sure your boss is cool with it, you can get in trouble.

Enter Brad Childress into our little hypothetical metaphor; Chilly as we all are fully aware of by now, canned Randy Moss from the Minnesota's roster on Monday. And he did so without consulting the people (owner Zygi Wilf and president Mark Wilf) who sign his paychecks.

Jeremy Fowler of the Pioneer-Press reports that this has the Wilfs, who were doing other business elsewhere when the Moss fiasco went down, a touch upset. "Rankled," even, according to a source.

"They were not happy with the decision but more so the process," said the source, who spoke Tuesday on condition of anonymity. "These guys are lawyers. They're process people. Part of the confusion is that there is no clear conformity within the organizational structure. And that's flawed."

Part of that flawed process is that Childress has full control over the Vikings' roster.

"And when you have a flawed structure you get the kind of Keystone Kops atmosphere that's out there now," the Pioneer Press' source said.

The possibility that Childress "went rogue" on dumping Moss because of his attitude seems like the likely scenario that actually played out in Minnesota now; it also explains why there were conflicting reports about whether Moss had actually been waived on Monday, and why the team knew about Moss being released before Moss did.

Interestingly, this removes the "it's either him or me" (Childress and Moss, natch) from play. But it doesn't necessarily close the door to the "Chilly takes a stand and is fired because he refused to back down and totally not because he's a bad coach" scenario, which could play out quickly if the Vikings don't start winning.

None of that's to say that Childress WILL get fired, but if he had any inkling before now that his job was on the line (and that, say, ownership wanted to take a gander at defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier), this is his only shot at going out for reasons outside incompetence.

Not that insubordination is necessarily better, though.

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Vikes ownership cheesed at Chilly over Moss?

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Vikes ownership cheesed at Chilly over Moss?

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Vikes ownership cheesed at Chilly over Moss?

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Vikes ownership cheesed at Chilly over Moss?

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Vikes ownership cheesed at Chilly over Moss?

Who is Brent Doofus ?

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Posted on: November 4, 2010 1:16 pm

Vikes ownership cheesed at Chilly over Moss?

Hey Floydfan. Who is the we you are talking about and what team do yopu play for?

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Posted on: November 4, 2010 9:28 am

Vikes ownership cheesed at Chilly over Moss?

Couldn't say it any better Johnny Hazz, so I won't.  Perfectly put.

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Posted on: November 4, 2010 4:05 am

Vikes ownership cheesed at Chilly over Moss?

In response to posts...  JackSchitt - Chilly isn't to blame for this ONE incidient, it's a culmination of things, this being the icing.  Yes Randy is an ass, yes Chilly did the right thing, arguably... however, had we won, or had we run the right plays, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation.  The overlying issue here is Chilly's coaching ability.  He may be a good attitude manager, ie. gets rid of the "cancers" in the locker room; but he is not a good football coach.  His pllay calling is atrocious and his judgement is questionable.  So Randy is not the issue, he's just the catalyst to an impending situation.  To the Saints fan who is gloating... you guys deserve to gloat, it was a "fairy"tale season.  Enjoy it while you can cuz it won't last forever.  Next year when you're crying abuot why you guys lost to a better team then come in here and say something else that makes you sound like a moron.  Now my take on this whole season is this... we should have kept Moss, got rid of Chilly.  We should clean house on defense.  Get what we can for Madieu Williams, maybe Husayn Abdullah if he has value on the market.  As well as Leber.  I know I know, these guys are solid players, but they aren't the athletes we need in our defensive scheme.  Leber is smart but slow he survives in being where the play will be but not reacting to where a play is going.  We saw Madeiu get twisted up, his footwork was rookie and we got burned because of it.  Not to mention with Asher in trail he should have pushed Tate to the sideline which would have acted like 3rd defender but he let him get to the middle of the field.  On Offense, we should get what we can for Mckinny, He is average at best and gets beat too much.  Those are some of my thoughts...hopefully we can fix this for next year.  Three moves I wished we didn't make and made... 1) kept Birk! 2) kept Richardson 3) got Taylor Mays in draft.  Peace!

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Posted on: November 4, 2010 12:58 am

Vikes ownership cheesed at Chilly over Moss?

The "Owners", who are "Lawyers", were "Out of Town conducting other business", when all of this went down?......are you kidding me?  Did the "Owners", who are "Lawyers", watch their team play on Sunday?  Did the "Owners", who are "Lawyers", watch the postgame press conferences after the game?  Did the "Owners", who are "Lawyers", not have the common sense, to think that there might be a real problem following that game to at least pick up their I-Phone or Blackberry and talk to the coach of their team to get some type of feedback as to what was going on?  You can throw the word "Structure" out the window here because the "Owners", who are "Lawyers", quite frankly "Fumbled" this one.  This isn't fantasy football but maybe to a "Lawyer" who's an "Owner" it is.  With that said, I'm not defending Childress, he's just not a good coach and it makes for a bad combo.  The real disappointment to me with all of this is that when Moss said whatever he said about the caterers food, (which is suppose to be the reason he was let go) not one Viking on that team that heard his comments pulled his sorry A$$ out of there and set him straight.  Nobody said anything.  If they did, I haven't seen reported.  Just my thoughts on the whole thing, not looking to start a posting war.

Johnny Hazz

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