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Wade Phillips gives Jerry Jones another reason

Posted on: November 7, 2010 10:05 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Wade Phillips looks like such a nice man, and everything you hear about him, he appears to be a pleasantly perfect person. But in the first half of the Packers-Cowboys game, Phillips, once again, showed that he’s not best-suited to be running an NFL squad.

The Cowboys looked horrendous, giving up 28-straight points to the Packers before QB Jon Kitna hit Dez Bryant for the TD late in the second quarter to make the score 28-7 going into halftime. Dallas' defense was terrible. The offense was terrible. The special teams were not very good, either.

But the coaching and the game management … well, they were bad enough to be considered fireable offenses.

The Cowboys used two timeouts in the first two quarters, and then, for some inexplicable reason, after Green Bay RB Brandon Jackson rushed in for a two-yard score to make it 14-0, Phillips challenged the ruling on the field.

Here’s the problem: if the ruling somehow was overturned – if there was enough video evidence to reverse it even though Jackson was in the middle of a huge pile of players – the Packers would have retained the ball inside the 1-yard line. It’s not like the Cowboys defense suddenly was going to become the Fearsome Foursome and stuff the run.

Of course, the ruling was NOT overturned.

Then, the Cowboys received another slap in the face later in the half when kick returner Bryan McCann fumbled the ball and Green Bay’s Nick Collins picked it up and ran back the 26-yard touchdown. Replays clearly showed McCann was on the ground before the ball was stripped away. But, because of the failed challenge, the Cowboys couldn’t throw the red flag.

The touchdown stood. It shouldn’t have. And now we’ll see if owner Jerry Jones will keep Phillips around. He probably shouldn’t. And I think he’s beginning to realize that as well.

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Wade Phillips gives Jerry Jones another reason

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Wade Phillips gives Jerry Jones another reason

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Wade Phillips gives Jerry Jones another reason

I said he was the Lions problem dork.I said the Lions ripped you off dork.

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Posted on: November 10, 2010 11:31 am

Wade Phillips gives Jerry Jones another reason

Wade an offensive coord? You must be kidding...

My bad.  I was thinking defensive coordinator when I typed offensive coordinator.  The remainer of my post explained how it would be interesting to have Cam Cameron and Wade team up again; Cameron as the O-Coordinator and Phillips as the D-Coordinator.

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Posted on: November 9, 2010 12:22 am

Wade Phillips gives Jerry Jones another reason

However, I do agree about Kitna. He's awful, has always been awful, and always will be.  
In 2003 with the Bengals, Kitna threw for over 3,500 yards -  He had 26 TD passes against 15 Ints.   So he had at least ONE decent year - Kitna's problem is that he has played on very bad teams - This team is certainly NO exception - 

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Posted on: November 8, 2010 3:11 pm

Wade Phillips gives Jerry Jones another reason

I see...Roy Williams is the problem because he's the only reason the Cowboys have a win this season in the first place? He may have been awful last year, but your understanding of the game is a JOKE if you think his performance this season warrants the least bit of criticism. How 'bout Miles dropping passes the last few games, huh? He may be talented and may have been absolutely incredible last year, but where is the consistency now? He went from the guy you could trust to catch everything, to just another receiver with the "dropsies."

However, I do agree about Kitna. He's awful, has always been awful, and always will be. If the offensive line weren't such a joke, I would support picking a quarterback in the first round, so that they would have time to develop someone before the next injury to, and ultimate replacement of, Romo. Romo may be a talented player, but is this guy really going to lead any team to a Super Bowl? History shows that he has had the chances and blew them himself. He's not going to ever be that guy that makes championship plays, the one in which you can place undoubted faith to come through. Again, he's had ample opportunity to do so and failed. Comparing him with Kitna's performances doesn't say anything, because Kitna is terrible. But, regardless of how I feel about future post-season performances under Romo, the Cowboys still should have won more than one game with him in there this year, and that was mostly on the coaches, and one was on the offensive line (the negated last-seond TD to ROY WILLIAMS in week 1).

And one last reminder. I risk repeating myself, but the Cowboys only win this season can only be credited to one guy....ROY E. WILLIAMS. So enough with the criticism, at least until he starts consistently dropping the ball again.

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Posted on: November 8, 2010 2:33 pm

Wade Phillips gives Jerry Jones another reason

Just scratch this season, Dallas. The first game of the season was filled with controversy and things just snowballed from there. Everybody rags on Tony Romo and now that Jon Kitna is in there and the offense does nothing, hopefully Romo will get some respect. I personally think that a complete coaching overhaul is needed. Wade Phillips has stated he does not have an answer and Jason Garret just seems to make some questionable choices. Get somebody else in there as head coach who is respected by people and knows how to motivate players.

There is good news in this: This team is talented. Nobody can question that. And at the current rate, the Cowboys are due for a top 5 draft pick. Getting a nice offensive lineman can help and then trading Marion Barber for more picks is the way I would go. Then they can draft another power back and fill in other holes as well.

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Posted on: November 8, 2010 12:41 pm

Wade Phillips gives Jerry Jones another reason

When the Lions of all teams, are ripping you off AND getting rid of their problem (Roy Williams) at the same time, you know you're not a good team...

Then they went and got Kitna... lol

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Posted on: November 8, 2010 12:01 pm

Wade Phillips gives Jerry Jones another reason

Wade an offensive coord? You must be kidding...

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Posted on: November 8, 2010 12:00 pm

Wade Phillips gives Jerry Jones another reason

dshendry, I am not a Cowboys fan, but this team is an embarassment.  This is the second season they have quit under Wade.  Remember that game in 2008 when they needed to win to clinch a playoff berth.  The Eagles destroyed them 44-6 and it was like they did not even try.  Next week against my favorite team, the Giants, expect much of the same as this week.  The defensive line will come right after them and they will be forced into bad decisions.  Kitna will be running for his life.  And I have never heard so many excuses as this team has made.  Let me make this clear:  I am no fan of Romo and never have been.  Before the injury, he would come up with an explanation of every interception.  He had an excuse for every one.  All quarterbacks throw picks.  Eli has had several come off of passes which should have been caught, but you never hear him go into detail and make excuses for them in his press conferences.  And the media also makes excuses for them.  Now they are saying that Romo being out is the major reason for that horrible offensive performance last night.  He may be a good statistical QB, but he is not a winner.  He does not have the mental toughness or leadership to win the big game.  His playoff exits have all been ugly.  He fumbled the snap in Seattle and was horrible against Minnesota last year.  He had a chance to win because of Marion Barber's explosive first half against the Giants, but then when he wore out in the second half, he was able to lead them to one field goal and an interception in the game's closing moments.  He is very overrated as a QB because he can never back up the stats when it really matters and does not have the leadership qualities needed to win.  He also cannot gain the respect of an entire team like Peyton, Brees, Brady, and even Eli can.  What I mean is that you do not see the urgency among the offense to go out and win the game for Romo.  There is no team unity in Dallas.  There is way too much "me, me, me."  Another example of this unity is with the head coach and I will once again use the Giants as an example.  Troy Aikman even talked about it yesterday with Strahan during the game.  He said that the year they won the Super Bowl when Coughlin was under fire, the team was able to come together for him and after a Super Bowl, he had a new contract.  The players did not want to be responsible for his firing.  Then again, the same thing happened after the first 3 games.  People were calling for them to hire Cowher.  Instead, this team has responded and knocked out a few quarterbacks along the way and Coughlin is not under fire anymore.  The reason he has made it through certain struggles is because he has the respect of the players.  Wade does not have this respect and neither does Garrett.  Not only is he very predictable with his play calls, but the offense does not take him seriously.  If Jerry wanted to hire him as coach because he would allow Jerry to have complete control like Wade, the same results would happen as this year.  If Wade is fired, Garrett must go also.  And these me-first players also have to be shown the door.  Also, they need to draft a QB in the draft with their very high pick this spring and cut ties with Romo because they were not winning with him either and he was part of the problem before the injury.  It is only worse now because even he is better than Kitna.  But Jerry will not make a coaching change in season because he wants to hold on to his pride and he would be admitting he made a mistake with the hiring if this happened.  Also, you guys would be stuck likely with Garrett as coach until after the season when Cowher, Gruden, and Fox became available.  Although it doesn't seem possible, things would be worse with Garrett running the show.  Every coach needs to go and so should certain players, starting with people like Jenkins and then terminate Romo because the talent is there, but he is not built to win Super Bowls.  Then, Jerry must bring in a coach who has more authority and will not allow Jerry to push him around like he did with Wade.  If not, Jerry should become coach if he wants total control because if he does not want to hire a coach who is not his puppet, then Jerry would be the only option for coach if he does not want to hire another Wade-type coach.

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