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Casserly: Harrison flagrant away from suspension

Posted on: December 5, 2010 12:30 pm
Edited on: December 5, 2010 2:00 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

We mentioned yesterday that the NFL claims they're not targeting James Harrison for personal fouls and/or illegal hits. People, judging by the comments, didn't really agree. (Or maybe they hate bully analogies.)

Well, expect the conspiracy chatter to heat up even more if Harrison picks up another personal foul penalty during this week's game -- CBS Sports Charley Casserly reported on The NFL Today that Harrison is one flagrant foul away from picking up a suspension from the league.

"First of all, I can tell you if [the Week 12 hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick] were helmet-to-helmet, I guarantee you he'd be suspended and not playing this weekend," Casserly said. "Next, this is a correct call, because when you hit with the forehead to the quarterback after he's released and is defenseless and therefore should be fined.

"Another flagrant foul and this guy is going to be suspended. He's also in the position as Roy Williams, who got suspended for horsecollar tackles -- multiple penalties eventually add up to a suspension. He's close to that right now."

Harrison obviously walks a fine line in terms of making some aggressive hits; it's why he's been fined $125,000 this year.

And if anyone were a candidate for the NFL's first illegal hit suspension since they ramped up the fines this year, it's the Steelers linebacker.

People shouldn't necessarily be okay with the fact that Harrison could be suspended if he picks up a 15-yard flag this week for hitting a defenseless player, but they (meaning fans and the Steelers) should at least be prepared. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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Casserly: Harrison flagrant away from suspension

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Casserly: Harrison flagrant away from suspension

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Posted on: December 7, 2010 12:23 pm

Casserly: Harrison flagrant away from suspension

I say throw the flag at him early in the game. Keep him reminded he his a dirty cheap shot player. One more and we get him suspended. I'm a Pitt fan and hate this guy. He is a liability on our defense and had brought unnecessary attention to the team. Sit him or suspend him. Dirty cheap shot player only interested in hurting people. Back off.

Go be a Colts fan. You're not a true Steelers fan. 

The issue for me isn't as much "Is Harrison breakin
g the new rules?" as much as "Why is Goodell making these rules?". It's clear he wants to make the game "safer" so he can add 2 more games and make more money. I'm sorry, but these hits shouldn't be flags let alone fines. There's a right way and a wrong way to play the game. Yes players should not be head hunting, but Harrison has been been flagged and fined for hitting a QB in the chest, landing on the QB, and pushing a QB (although admittedly he pushed Brees a little late). The only flag and/or fine that I agree with was his hit on the Browns receiver. I think the fine was a little bit outrageous, but that's partly due to his post game comments and it's not that much money to him anyway.

But if you are going to make and enforce these stupid rules, at least be consistent. Can anybody honestly tell me every ref on the field missed when that Patriot took out Ward, Ngata clubbing Roethlisberger, and that guy taking out Miller? Yeah 2 of these guys got finned afterwards, but that doesn't help the team on the field. 

And yes there are countless other examples of the inconsistency and plays that should not be penalized on other teams. I just don't have them committed to memory because I'm a Steelers fan. The Ravens-Bengals games comes to mind when the Ravens got a few roughing the passer calls on them. Those were outrageous and cost them the game. The Eagles tapped I think Peyton Manninng? on the helmet with one finger and got a flag. It almost cost them the game and it should never have been called.

Goodell is trying to make more money, but by doing so, he is ruining the way the game should be played.

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 1:41 am

Did you watch the game tonight, Casserly??!!

AGAIN, the NFL has shown that their rules and their handling of these hits IS A JOKE!!! It can't be defended. Ben gets a broken bloody nose, and Heath Miller is knocked senseless -- AND NO PENALTY! This proves Harrison and the Steelers have a point, and it also prove Casserly has to wake up or retire.

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 12:51 am

Casserly: Harrison flagrant away from suspension

Maybe everyone should start making a big deal about all the hits that are being done by players that are not flagged or fined - even though they are the exact same style of hits... but Goodell and his lackeys do nothing to them????  Maybe the players that have given concussions to two Steelers players (Hines Ward and Heath Miller) should be fined and reparations made for causing one loss and then almost causing another loss????  Quick zeroing in on the Harrison story and start pointing out the lack of consistency by Goodell and his lackeys on discipline for his favorites!!!!  It seems that nobody can even come close to Brady and the Bellacheat players without getting flagged or fined... I am all for protecting players but there is no consistency and it is affecting the outcome of games.  Goodell needs to be removed from the NFL to protect the integrity of this game!!!!

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Posted on: December 5, 2010 11:17 pm

Casserly: Harrison flagrant away from suspension

So does James get suspended no because that ravens guy crushed Miller?  I mean Harrison was at the game so....shouldn't that be enough.  He is so dirty that he makes other players do his dirty work.

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Posted on: December 5, 2010 9:03 pm

Casserly: Harrison flagrant away from suspension

Just take helmets away, people will still hit hard but no more spearing.... Good ole fashion football!! Ok am kidding about the helmet all it takes is one ass to step on someones face (Haynesworth I think). I dont watch a lot of Pitt games I see a few a year, unfortunately I missed all the games he got in trouble for. He came out and said he wants to hurt people. Well I like him for that! He is aggressive, so what. Brian Dawkins was as well. He throws all he has into the hit, to open a can of woopass!!! I dont like dirty hits, that is unacceptable but the line has been crossed by the NFL brass and it is out of control.

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Posted on: December 5, 2010 8:24 pm

Casserly: Harrison flagrant away from suspension

The Ravens and Steelers are set to play their second game of the season. These teams are evenly matched and are  hardest hitting teams in the NFL. This game could be another close game or a blow out. Here are the most important three factors that may determine the outcome.

First, it is the play of the defensive and offensive lines. Baltimore’s Mike Oher is hurt, but the Steelers offensive and defensive lines have been ravaged by injuries. Regardless, the linemen who play Sunday night must play at a high level and will determine whether Big Ben or Flacco are able to perform and if either team can get a running game going. Haloti Ngata is a beast and will test the ability of Pittsburgh’s rookie Maurice Pouncey and the guards who will try to double team him. The Steelers will have to rely on a rotation of defensive linemen who must occupy the Raven’s blockers so that the Steeler linebackers can wreak havoc.

The second factor is the ability of the defensive backs. Both teams have premier safeties in Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed. However, their supporting casts have been inconsistent. If either quarterback is given the time by their O-line or more likely stretches a play by eluding the rush then we could see some long TD’s. Mike Wallace has the speed to burn Baltimore’s secondary if Ben has the time to throw the ball. The Ravens possession receivers are dangerous and their game plan will likely look at testing William Gay in the nickel defense. Flacco will likely use a three receiver set and three step drops to fire quickly – a recipe that other teams have used to negate Pittsburgh’s blitz (ignore the patriot game where Dick Labeau unadvisedly ignored the blitz to provide max coverage which Brady dissected).

The third and unfortunately the biggest deciding factor in this game will be the officiating. Sad to say, but the zebras could really impact this game depending on how they call the game. Both teams have reputations as hard hitting teams. The Steelers appear to be targeted by the NFL this season.  All agree that steps have to be taken to protect the player but the referees need to be consistent with all players and not flag players like Harrison for legal albeit hard hits. On the other hand, the Ravens had to deal with Tom Brady of the Patriots convincing referees to throw flags for unnecessary roughness. Watch the officiating closely, it would be great if they called a fair game including the ubiquitous holding against Harrison by offensive tackles and the players could decide the game. It could also be a wash if the referees get whistle happy equally against both teams. In both of those cases, I see a very close game and Pittsburgh could win a close one if kicker Shaun Susiham keeps his cool. However, Baltimore could blow Pittsburgh away if the referees show the bias against the Steelers as demonstrated in several games this season. We will see in a few minutes.



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Posted on: December 5, 2010 8:15 pm

Casserly: Harrison flagrant away from suspension

soon the NFL will be like the WMBA "We don't dunk but have good fundamentals".

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